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by Logan
Rated: E · Poetry · Experience · #2219250
Some thoughts in isolation
Thoughts in Isolation [Lockdown, Part II]

A time of isolation,
a summer shy of sins
Cut short of congregations,
we worship now within

with hearts inclined to wander,
to play out on the grass
Spirits forced to squander,
we pray behind the glass

For chosen gods to hear,
to answer... or ignore
'midst rose tinted veneers,
of the times that came before

Before such panic, pained, called,
contagious, crossed... locked down
A summer short of rainfall,
yet still submerged, stocks drown

Washed to where the wind blows,
the colours bright refrain
Lost rainbows drawn through windows,
despite the lack of rain

Lost amidst the echoes,
of the way things used to be
Applause rings out at 8, goes,
to heroes deemed key

The meek, now proven saviours,
brave, trekking through their tasks
Soldiers without sabres
Medics without masks

Former grunts thought surplus,
now needed on the front
Drafted out for service,
with blades long rendered blunt

Militias pushing front lines,
despite a lack of funds
Heroes in wartime,
in peace... their time is done

Fading back to shadow,
whilst the ones who stayed inside
Staged their war and laid low,
taking stooges for a ride

Stages that weren't prepped right,
crowds in fields of dogged dreams
Self-serving, close, sewn in tight,
running through the seams

A thread that's run, frayed, shoddy,
stitched so far up, it seems
Instead of counting bodies,
we found them bagging beans

Unlucky from the outset,
a story so absurd
A beanstalk high, an outlet,
a thinning of the herd

Immunity... a pipedream
Austerity... a fact
In memory, the past's reamed,
a spirit presents' lack

with chaos gates akimbo,
Eden's closed for a years grace
Lost hearts, left out in limbo,
and spirits lost in space

Cut short, our congregations,
as we worship from within
This time of isolation,
... this summer, shy of sin
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