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by JJ Del
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Death · #2219302
Chapter Seven
I wake up about an hour and a half later and Zeus is still beside me. I pat my puppy’s soft fur and I can hear the phone ring loudly. I hear Kane answer it but whoever was on the other end has hung up. I can hear Kane curse for he dislikes hang ups and he despises telemarketers even more. I go into the kitchen to see Kane and Zeus trots after me. Zeus is my constant shadow now and so I always have to watch where I am stepping. I ask Kane what is going on and he replies that was the fourth hang up that he has received in the last half an hour.
The phone rings once again, Kane rolls his eyes, and he curses as the phone rings again. I cannot say I blame him for this is getting rather annoying. On the fourth ring I quickly snatch up the receiver. I am firm and irritated as I say hello. I expect to have someone hang up on me as well but no such luck.
A woman’s voice says, “Can I speak to Jace Banks please?”
I reply and I am still irritated, “This is Jace.”
The woman says, “My name is Hope Williams.”
I say, “How can I help you, Hope?”
Kane looks up at me and he is startled. Kane looks scared and I wonder what this is all about. I am not fond of this young woman calling me here at my home, I am not fond of her for what I have been told about her, and I do not like the fact that she has been hitting on Kane or so he says. I wonder how the hell she got our house number. Our landline number is unpublished. I am unsure why we even have a landline for nobody ever calls on it for we have cell phones.
At the moment we do have the landline nor does it really matter that she has called it at this time. I am going to talk to Kane about this crazy landline thing and how we go about disconnecting it. My attention now returns to Hope and I am furious that she is calling us. I count to ten to calm myself down and it is not working.
Hope smiles and I can hear that in her voice as she says, “I just want to tell you that Kane has been seeing me, he has been dating me for a year now, and he just ended the relationship today.”
I say, “Oh really? I really don’t believe you.”
Hope says, “I pity you, Jace.”
I demand, “When was Kane supposedly out with you?”
Hope replies, “More than a few times a week.”
I defend Kane, “I don’t know what you are attempting to pull Hope but Kane is loyal and faithful and I fully trust him.”
Hope continues on, “Well, he has been cheating on you for the last year with me and who knows what he has done before that. I am sorry to be the one telling you this especially over the phone.”
I am furious, “Kane and I have no secrets between us Hope. Again I don’t know what your game is but you better grow up little girl.”
Hope sounds offended, “I am telling you the truth.”
I am angry but I control it as I speak, “I doubt you are being truly honest. I know Kane a hell of a lot better than you do. I am warning you that if you dare to call this number again I will go to the police and I will file harassment charges. Do you understand me?”
Hope sounds nervous but she still pretends not to be afraid, “You wouldn’t dare pull that shit.”
I growl into the phone, “Don’t tempt me, Hope. Kane has told me about all the harassing crap you have done to him and Salim has confirmed all of this as well. We have records and our caller ID records show each time you have called and then hung up and it has recorded this call as well.”
Hope is not sure if I am bullshitting her or not, “You’re lying to me.”
I smile, “Unlike you I am honest as honest can be.”
Hope is bold, “You wouldn’t dare do anything to me for you know that I am right.”
I have had it, “I will log this call with all of the other calls and I will call the police. I will also produce each and every report that you have harassed Kane. I will ask Salim to make copies of those reports for I believe Kane, I will stand by him no matter what, and I will also believe what he has to say. Do you understand all of this?”
Hope states, “You aren’t gonna do that. It’s too much work.”
I calmly say, “When I hang up this phone I will be calling Salim and the police. I am not going to be bullied by some punk ass little girl.”
I cannot believe that this girl is trying to come between Kane and I. Like Kane would really leave me for her. As far as I was concerned and knew, Kane was satisfied, and that is what I cared about. Kane would never cheat on me either and I know this deep down in my very soul. Kane and I have been together for five years now and I feel like our relationship is stronger than it has ever been. Kane is not attracted to Hope, Kane has told me this many times, and I did say that he is as loyal as loyal can be. I slam the house phone down and I reach for my cell phone that is on the kitchen table. I immediately call Salim.
I let Salim know about the phone call that Hope just made to Kane and I. Salim is in awe that this girl would have the nerve to call me here at home. Salim says she is just trying to get a rise out of me and I have refused to give it to her. Salim then encourages me to call the police and have them send an officer to the house. Salim promises to be over with all of the reports that he has recorded and he will be here within a half an hour.
Kane and I sit at the kitchen table and we are sipping piping hot coffee. We discuss this recent call from Hope. The more that Kane and I think about it, we know that Salim is right, Hope will never stop harassing Kane and I. I do not want to be stressed out by this little punk assed girl, I need to get rid of her, and I need her out of our lives as soon as possible.
So I figure calling the police out here is a good idea, just like Salim said it would be. I am not going to let her stress me out and I refuse to go through this type of stress. I have been through enough for a couple of lifetimes. I am determined to end this whole mind game shit that Hope is trying to play with me and it is going to stop now. I have been through enough and all I want is peace in my life and I do not think that is too much to ask for.
Kane understands me and where I am coming from. Kane does not want Hope calling here at our home and upsetting our lives. Kane is also extremely protective of me and he does not like Hope messing with my mind. I do sense that there is something more to this whole mess and Kane holds the answers but he will not tell me.
At six-thirty in the evening, Salim is here with all the reports against Hope, and Salim has fire burning in his dark blue eyes. Salim is more than pissed off that Hope is playing games with me. I read through some of the reports that Salim has brought over and I am stunned that this young woman is pulling shit like this. My biggest question is why did she latch onto Kane? Is it because he is a good man with a heart of gold? I know Kane is a good looking man but most women do not pull shit like this with someone they hardly know. When someone states that they are in a serious relationship the other person, a good person, will back off. Salim agrees with my point of view and so does Kane. A decent person does not pull shit like this and they do not make false claims like Hope is doing.
The police ring our buzzer and Kane presses the button to buzz the police up to our apartment. Two policemen knock at our door and Kane lets them in. Kane leads the policemen into the kitchen and he offers them coffee which they decline. Kane gives one of the policemen the reports that Salim has brought over to us and then when they are finished reading the reports I show them the caller ID on our home line. I am very serious and physically upset which I know the policemen have noticed.
One of the policemen takes me by the arm and leads me into the living room. He wants to know what I remember about the conversation that I had with Hope. I recount the conversation to the best of my ability and when I am finished the officer is thinking about everything I just told him. The officer says I should not be subjected to this type of harassment and verbal abuse. I strongly agree with the officer and I am starting to feel less of a victim. I do not want to be bothered by this punk ass girl and I know the officer knows this and I know that he can understand how I feel. This is not a game that Hope is playing and it can have a serious outcome.
The police take statements from Kane, Salim, and I. They swear they are going to speak with her. If she keeps this game up then we are to file a restraining order on this Hope Williams. I really hope that this girl stops her stupid and childish antics and I hope that she realizes that this is a serious matter. I try to give everybody a chance but that does not always work. Kane and I will file a joint restraining order on Hope if she ignores the police and their orders. I have a funny feeling that Hope is not going to give up that easily and I have a funny feeling that we are going to have to file that restraining order. I also know that I am going to have to fight this incident out. My gut is saying to me that this is not over.
It is eight o’clock now and Salim leaves after Kane and I thank him for showing up with all the reports. Salim smiles and pats Zeus on the head and then he leaves the apartment. Salim and the reports made an impact on the police tonight. I think the police realize how serious this is for Hope is a very unstable person by my way of thinking. What surprises me is that this girl, who is very unstable, is a paramedic and that Bryant EMS hired her. If she did this crap at other jobs it should be on file somewhere, should it not? Kane and I sit in the living room with our coffee and the television on low just for background noise.
Kane and I discuss the landline phone that we have. We really do not need it for we have cell phones and the landline number is just a waste of money. Kane and I never really thought about this until now. Hope pulling her harassing games got us thinking about that damn landline number and how easy it can be obtained. Kane and I have the day off tomorrow so we will call the phone company and we will schedule to have our landline disconnected. This should end Hope calling us here at home and then hanging up or so I hope. I know she cannot get a hold of our cell phone numbers unless she goes into the files at work and that will not happen. The files at work are located in the human resources department and those files are locked at all times.
Kane is filled with intense anger. I cannot blame him for I am extremely upset as well. Yet Kane’s anger is over the top and I am confused by this. Kane is not being protective and I decide that Kane is hiding something. Hope has over stepped boundaries and she does not seem to care. Why the hell is this girl doing this to us? Why is she trying to be a home wrecker? Hope is not going to drive a wedge between Kane and I. I will not let her do this to Kane and I and I know that Kane will never let that happen either. Kane and I are extremely secure with ourselves and in our relationship and we have complete faith in each other.
The trust we have for each other is strong and unbreakable and I love this simple fact about us. This little punk is not going to destroy what Kane and I have. I will not let Hope do this to us and I know Kane will not let anything happen to our relationship either and I can depend on that. I look at Kane and I watch the nervousness fade yet his eyes still worry.
I ask, “Kane?”
Kane asks in return, “What honey?”
I say, “I may be a little paranoid at the moment but it seems like you are hiding something.”
Kane asks, “What do you mean?”
I respond, “Your body language and your eyes are screaming that you are nervous, anxious, and afraid.”
Kane smiles, “No honey. I am scared that Hope is going to drive a wedge between us that is all.”
I smile back, “Okay, I just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t worrying about nothing.”
Kane is the only family that I actually have which I find to be really sad. My mother and father have exiled me because I chose to be a paramedic. My parents are not the smartest people in the world nor are they the most compassionate people. My parents did not want me to be a paramedic because it was supposed to be much too dangerous. I do not blame them for being worried about the dangers of the job but exiling me? Really? I also think that is a little on the dramatic side. To be exiled is a dramatic thing to do to somebody especially when you supposedly love them. My parents have always been dramatic people though. I do agree that being a paramedic carries certain dangers but it is nothing that I cannot handle. Being a paramedic is my calling, something I was meant to do, and I love the job. There is nothing else I would rather do with my life.
I had to pay for my own schooling because they said that they would not pay for school if I decided to be a paramedic. Okay, they are assholes but I could deal with them and I could do it on my own. Yet if you ask my parents they will tell you that they tried to pay for my schooling but I declined their help. All I could do was laugh at them for they were lying to everybody including themselves.
I was forced to work my way through medic school and honestly I am happy that I did this on my own. It made me work harder in school and it made me a better person for it as well. I stood my ground with the parents, I could not let them do this to me, and it was far too emotional for me to even think about for years after they pulled this stunt. I repeated that this was my life and that they could not do a single thing about what I did and did not do. I reminded them that I was paying for school so they did not have a say in what I studied.
My parents did not like the fact that I was being independent because they were use to controlling everything and anything that I did or did not do with my life but I was not going to let them do this to me any longer. I had to stand up for myself, I felt like I was being bullied, and my parents were the enemy. At this point in my life, my parents disowned me, and at first I was stunned by their behavior. I am a survivor though and I am a fighter as well. I survived the heartache that my parents caused me.
I remember packing up everything that I owned and I also remember leaving the house with tears welling up in my eyes. My parents never even said good bye, they just stood there, and I knew that they hated me at that very moment. I then stayed two nights in a creepy motel and then I rented a room in a rooming house. It has been more than twenty years since I have talked to my parents. I have made a few attempts to call them over the years but they never returned my calls and I felt like it was their loss. It hurt not talking to them at first and I remember crying because they hurt me so bad. I also remember what they did to me and what they said.
In recent months I have thought about calling them but decided against it because they never made an effort to contact me. I know they had my number for I called them a few times from my cell and I knew that they copied it down. This is how my parents were. I am not sure why I was thinking about calling them but I was and it disturbed me a little. Looking back I am happy that I never called them. I do not really need that type of heartache in my life.
It is exactly ten o’clock at night and I can barely keep my eyes open. Kane would like me to go to our bedroom and go to sleep but I keep saying that I am alright and I am really not okay. I keep nodding off so I finally give in and I stumble my way into the bedroom with Zeus in tow. Zeus jumps up onto the bed and he yelps playfully. Zeus wants to play in the worst possible way and I really am not in the mood to play but I rough house with him for a little while. Zeus and I play tug of war with a tennis ball he brought to me. Zeus is growling and yelping playfully when we hear Kane jokingly say for us to keep it down. I laugh lightly and again I try to take the tennis ball from Zeus. My puppy growls as we play. I finally crawl into bed, I turn the television on to some soft classical music, and I snuggle down with Zeus who keeps kissing my face.
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