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by JJ Del
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Chapter Sixteen
I am sitting in Taylor’s office with Zeus who lies at my feet. I was anxious today so I called and asked if I could bring Zeus with me into the session. Taylor was only happy to say of course Zeus could come with me. Taylor and I are chatting about the weather that has been happening. It has been in the low sixties all week. It is not really that cold but it is by Texas standards. Finally Taylor turns to me and asks how I am doing with everything. Taylor knows I am on a paid temporary leave of absence. Emotionally I am slightly better but I need to accomplish something first in order to start feeling better.
Taylor wonders what I am thinking, “What are you thinking Jace?”
I say, “I really need to do something in order to feel better and you may not like the idea.”
Taylor realizes what I want to do, “You want to confront Kane.”
I confirm what Taylor is thinking, “Yes I do. I think confronting Kane will help me move on so many levels. I feel like I have to do this.”
Taylor says, “I knew you would want to do this eventually. I just didn’t think you would want to do it this soon.”
I say, “I have got to face him in order for me to put this whole damn thing behind me and Kane needs to know something.”
Taylor is curious, “What is it? What does Kane have to know?”
I say, “That I am pregnant.”
Taylor asks, “When did you find this out?”
I say, “Yesterday. I was at the doctor’s office, because I was getting sick and not feeling like myself, and I was complaining that I haven’t received my monthly cycle for a couple of months now. I thought it was just the stress of everything I have been through.”
Taylor is stunned, “I don’t know what to say, Jace. I want to say congratulations but I do not know how you feel about being pregnant.”
I confess, “I have always wanted a child.”
Taylor asks, “So you are going to be a single mother?”
I say, “No. I will give the baby up for adoption. I wouldn’t be able to raise a baby on my own.”
Taylor says, “I commend you. You have given this a lot of thought.”
I say, “I had to. I have to make the right choice for the baby. He or she didn’t ask for any of this shit.”
Taylor asks, “So when do you want to do this thing with Kane?”
I say, “As soon as possible. I really don’t want to chicken out.”
Taylor wonders, “How are you going to go about achieving this?”
I say, “I will call Mark Warren, the police chief, and have him set up the day and time.”
Taylor is concerned but he is supporting me, “Are you sure you want to do this?”
I am confident about this, “Absolutely. Without a doubt.”
Taylor gently says, “We will set up an appointment for the day after you confront him.”
I nod my head and confirm this, “That would be a really good idea. I will need the added support.”
Taylor asks, “How do you feel about doing this?”
I confess, “Right now it makes me feel at ease but I know I will be anxious the day of the meeting.”
Taylor offers, “Do you want me to go with you?”
I reply, “No, thank you. You already do so much for me as it is but this is something I must do alone.”
Taylor nods his head and he says, “You are a brave woman but I am pleased to hear you say that you want to do this on your own.”
I reply, “I do not want to let Kane ruin my life and I do not want anyone to bail me out.”
Taylor is proud of me and he says, “Go, set up that appointment, and call me when you have that appointment so we can make an appointment as well.”
I reply, “Thank you.”
Zeus trots after me as I leave Taylor’s office. I do not have to use a leash with Zeus anymore but I still carry one with me just in case. I should be saying that Zeus carries his leash for some reason if he does not have his leash in his mouth he gets very upset. As I drive to our condo Zeus has his head out the window with his ears flapping in the wind and I cannot help but laugh at this beautiful dog.
Once I am alone with Zeus in our unit I call Mark. I sit at the kitchen table as Zeus drinks a bowl and a half of water. Mark picks up his cell phone on the third ring and I explain what I want to do. Mark does not think it is a good idea but I assure him that Taylor Zeal thinks it is a wise idea that I do this. I let Mark know that this is for peace of mind. Mark reluctantly agrees, he still does not want to let me do this, but he gives in because Taylor thinks that this is a good idea. Mark insists on being in the room when I confront Kane. Mark does not want Kane to mentally or physically abuse me any more than he already has. I reluctantly agree to Mark being there for I know there is no way of talking him out of this. So we set up an appointment for tomorrow at nine o’clock in the morning. I thank Mark and end the call.
I make the call to Taylor and we set up an appointment for three o’clock tomorrow afternoon. When I end the call with Taylor I stand up and I stretch my athletic body and I yawn. I am exhausted so I turn off the kitchen light and I go into my room where I change into my tan night gown that reads ‘coffee is forever’. I turn on the television in my room for background noise. Zeus is all excited, bed time or nap time is his favorite times except for going for walks or running the field, and I know he loves to cuddle. Once I am in bed and comfortable Zeus leaps into bed and covers me in sloppy kisses which make me laugh. Dogs are so funny and they do not even know it and their love is so pure and innocent.
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