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by JJ Del
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Death · #2219320
Chapter Seventeen
Mark picks me up at eight forty-five and we go directly to the jail where Kane is being held. Kane is already in interview room one and he is chained to the table that is bolted to the floor and he is also chained to the floor. It saddens me to see him like this but he did all of this to himself. I know he is going to try to blame me but in reality Kane is the only one to blame. Kane has betrayed me, he emotionally abused me, and Kane attempted to kill me. Kane’s head is bowed and his thick dark blonde hair is oily from not being washed. This is odd for he always prided himself on being very clean and physically fit.
Mark leads me into the room and I sit in a metal chair across from Kane. Mark stands in the corner of the room and he folds his arms across his chest. Kane asks for privacy but Mark refuses to give that to Kane. Mark reminds Kane that either he stays and Kane can speak with me or both Mark and I leave the station and I will never return. Kane tries to bargain with Mark but Mark is not giving in so Kane stops pushing it any further. Kane looks me in the eyes. My gray eyes are hard as I gaze back.
Kane says, “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
I growl, “Well you did hurt me but you will never get that chance again.”
Kane gives me the puppy dog look but that is not going to work, “I’m very sorry.”
I am firm as I say, “You can be sorry all you want but I hope you rot in fucking hell for pulling this shit.”
Kane says, “I wanted to end it with Hope and commit myself to you and only you. That’s when Hope lost her mind and started freaking out.”
I ask Kane, “Is this the truth?”
Kane says, “Yes. I swear.”
I say, “That’s not what I hear.”
Kane glares at me, “What are you talking about?”
I glare back at Kane, “I talked to Hope. She came clean about everything so I know you are fucking lying to me.”
Kane is in disbelief, “I cannot believe that you talked to that fucking bitch.”
I ignore Kane and say, “Hope had real feelings for you, unstable as she is at the moment, and she still was having feelings for you.”
Kane looks down at the table, “I know I hurt her too.”
I reply, “Cheating is never a good thing for people always get hurt.”
Kane says again, “I’m so sorry.”
I am trying to stay calm and not slap him across the face, “Stop saying you are sorry. If you were really sorry you would not have cheated on me.”
All Kane says is, “You’re right.”
I ask, “Did you cheat on me before Hope? I expect the truth.”
Kane admits, “Yes, several times.”
I am furious and I snap, “Why the fuck would you do that to me? You should have just broke up with me. That was not fair and it says you didn’t respect me or love me.”
Kane looks down at the table, “Looking back I should have done that.”
I snap a little more, “The whole thing in the garage down at the station, what the hell was that about? I mean come on that was a little dramatic.”
Kane says, “I felt like you abandoned me. I would not have hurt you.”
I raise my voice, “You were the one cheating, you abandoned me, and you betrayed me. You have no idea how something like that feels plus you were the one who shot at me.”
Kane says with sadness in his voice, “I really wasn’t going to hurt you, Jace.”
I am stern, “Like I said you shot at me, you missed me, but you still pulled that damn trigger and you will go to prison for this.”
Kane says and I stare him down, “I know and I accept that. I accept any punishment that they give me. I really don’t have a choice here.”
I demand, “Do you understand that you could have shot me and killed me?”
Kane insists, “I didn’t mean to do that and my intention was not to kill you.”
I say, “Whether you did or you didn’t you still did it.”
Kane says, “I can’t say it enough, I’m so sorry.”
I ask, “Where the hell did you get a fucking gun?”
Kane says, “In Dallas.”
I question Kane, “How long have you had the damn thing?”
Kane is honest on this point, “I bought it after you left me.”
I state, “So you had this whole stunt planned.”
Kane says to me, “I just wanted to scare you into coming back to me.”
I laugh, “Like that is a vote of confidence. I would have still told you to get the fuck out of my life.”
Kane says, “I do love you.”
I state, “That’s bullshit. You don’t love anyone. Kane, there is also another reason why I am here.”
Kane is concerned but it is fake concern, “What? Why?”
I come right to the point, “I’m pregnant.”
Kane asks in shock, “You’re kidding right?”
I reply, “I don’t joke about things like this.”
Kane stares at me, “That was our dream is to have children.”
I say, “It was our dream but it isn’t anymore.”
Kane demands, “What do you mean by that?”
I firmly say, “I am giving the baby up for adoption.”
Kane is visibly upset, “Why? You cannot do that.”
I lie to Kane, “I can and I have already signed the paper work.”
Kane wonders, “Don’t they need my consent?”
I say, “We aren’t married, thank god, and you don’t have any rights because you are in freaking jail for attempted murder. You are going to prison and this ends your rights to the baby.”
Kane starts to complain, “I will file a statement that I am the father.”
Mark states, “It will not stand up in court Kane for you are already convicted of harassment, physical abuse, and assault with a deadly weapon. They will laugh at your statement.”
Kane then says, begging really, “I don’t want you to do this. You will be an amazing mother.”
I say, “It isn’t that Kane. I know I would be a great mother. That isn’t the issue.”
Kane asks, “Then what is it?”
I state, “I don’t want to be a single mother and I don’t want to raise your child. I just cannot torture myself.”
Kane begs, “Don’t do that please. Don’t give up our child.”
I say, “My mind is made up and I signed paper work. I do not want a reminder of you and what you put me through.”
Kane pleads, “Please don’t forget me.”
I want to laugh but I just say, “Oh I will forget all about you Kane. You will be a distant memory soon.”
Kane asks, “Why the fuck did you come here to tell me all of this?”
I say, “I just wanted you to know. I wanted you to know about the baby and that you screwed up my life and I will never forgive you for all of this. Do not call me or write to me and I mean this.”
Kane says, “Thank you for telling me this shit, I guess.”
I stand up, “Have a nice freaking life Kane. I will be testifying against you but this is the last time we will ever speak.”
Kane calls to me, “Jace?”
I ask irritated, “What?”
Kane says, “I wish I could hold you one more time.”
I say, “I don’t wish that at all.”
Kane asks, “Don’t you love me anymore?”
I say, “I stopped loving you the day I walked out on you. We are done.”
Kane says, “Please don’t say that. I know you must have some love for me somewhere.”
I say, “I knew that day that I left you that there was something off about you. I knew you were keeping something from me and no there isn’t any love for you anywhere.”
Kane whimpers, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me.”
I say with a firm tone of voice, “I will never forgive you. I have also learned that I will never, ever give myself so completely to someone else.”
Kane says, “Don’t let me ruin that for you.”
I say with a trace of anger, “Too late.”
Kane replies, “I did love you very much and I still do love you.”
I say with a trace of anger in my voice, “Stop trying to smooth things over because it isn’t happening.”
Kane yells, like it is going to change something, “Jace, I didn’t mean to hurt you!”
I say, “That’s nice but I still don’t love you anymore.”
I turn and leave the interview room with Mark right behind me. I keep myself composed until I am out of the police station. I start trembling all over and Mark holds me tight. Mark is telling me how brave I was and that I held myself together better than he thought I would. I gave no sign that I was sad or upset or emotional. Mark admires me for this and says he wishes more witnesses could be like I just was. I turn around and my back is to Mark when I say that I still have some faint feelings for Kane. Mark promises me those will fade with time.
Mark drops me off at my condo and I immediately take Zeus out for a long walk. After a few miles Zeus looks up at me like lets go back. I smile and we turn back. Once we are in the condo and the doors are all locked I shower and change into a flannel, dark gray night gown. I felt so dirty after leaving the jail. Kane made me feel dirty. He used me and he would have broken my heart sooner or later so I am happy in a strange way that it happened this way. I will come out of this whole thing a stronger woman than I was before.
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