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This story might have a moral...
“Mommy, mommy! You’re doing it again!”

My fly-by-night Astro van putted down the street while I was buried in my phone, texting furiously with my ex husband who was giving me more shit about his right to custody of our child. I took a moment to glance upward at precisely the right moment; just in time to swerve back onto the road before slamming into a telephone pole.

“Sorry honey, your dad is being really difficult right now,” I replied apologetically to my little hell raiser, Shelby.

Pulling into our driveway, I tossed my phone into my purse and reached for the unlock switch. The van in park, I flicked it upward so that my son could get out. He was old enough now, that he didn’t need help with the car seat straps anymore. I always dreaded that day, but once they figure it out, it’s just something you learn to deal with.

Shelby scurried to the front door of our cookie cutter home to wait, while I grabbed the few bags of groceries from the back.

Across the street, I caught a faint glimpse in my peripheral vison of what looked like my neighbor Betty peeking through her window, staring me down from behind the curtain, as if she was spying on us. It took everything I had not to look over and stare back.

A few months ago, I caught her doing the same thing, so I marched over there for a tête-à-tête but she never answered the door.


“Betty, what are you staring at?” Margret was pestering her for the millionth time today.

“I saw them again: the van, the woman, and the child.” Betty sounded senile.

Margret asserted, “Betty, I told you countless times. Nobody lives there, anymore. They died last year.”

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Written for: "Daily Flash Fiction Challenge
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