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An unlikely friendship between two neighbors.
Sam Awn and Jack, two neighbors they,
became good friends in Santa Fe
despite the fact that Jack was tall;
whereas Sam Awn was sorta small.

Sam Awn was into chess it seems,
yet Jack had boxing in his dreams.
He’d shadowbox by iron gate
while Sam desired check and mate.

In height, Jack towered high above;
Sam Awn would see Jack wave his glove
like he had scored a TKO.*
Sam felt some pique, then let it go.

An older fellow was Sam Awn;
his face was pale and kinda drawn.
Yet Jack, like Muhammad Ali,
was in his prime at twenty three.

Sam Awn enjoyed his quietude;
Jack’s stereo would oft intrude
the silence of Awn’s game of chess;
because of this, Sam suffered stress.

Sometimes Sam moved a wee bit slow,
but Jack was always on the go.
(At least that’s how it seemed to him;
Jack was, most times, gone with the whim.)

Despite the varied lives they had,
a friendship grew and they were glad.
Both Sam and Jack had their own ways,
yet they discovered friendship pays.

28 Lines
Writer’s Cramp Co-Winner

*TKO…technical knockout
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