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by Ned
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Psychology · #2219352
There is a price to pay for finding oneself. Contest entry - Dark Dreamscapes

DDPC Round 37 Prompt

Is it so hard to be alone?
This room, suddenly
the only reality you know,
solitary in the darkness
of your desolation,
unused to isolation.
These thoughts are your own.
And unfamiliar.

No protection here you find.
Gone are those genius
sparks of divinity,
that gateway to infinity.
Was it torment or salvation
the greedy, godlike manipulation
that laid claim to your mind?
And then let go.

Banishment is a cold emptiness,
Freedom is a lone(liness).

Because you’re free
from the madness that embraced with strong arms,
snaked thin fingers into your ears,
muzzled your fears of revelation,
muffled the cries for damnation,
and filled your mouth with its voices.

The silence is a cold emptiness,
Freedom is a-loneliness.

Don’t try to make a sound.
Let them wrap you
in your own arms. They are protection, too,
clutching your vitals as they encircle
and knot their ribboned fingers behind you.
Clamp those lips tightly.
Other fingers try nightly
to pry into your being
and deposit their will, the pain
of sanity pressed into an oval pill.

Line Count: 36 lines
A poem based on the image prompt above
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