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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Religious · #2219380
The book provides instructions, from a leader demon to other demons on earth, in a manual.
My book recognizes the modern teaching instructions of the demons. It further identifies devilish ways, infiltrating the humankind on the blue globe called earth. A man finds an odd book in his uncle’s giveaway box, postmortem, and accomplishes the seemingly impossible, which is to read and observe the book. The book provides instructions, from a leader demon to other demons on earth, in manual form. It states how the demons should indoctrinate children, exploit youth, pollute politics, militarize police, and snatch souls. The book was not meant to be read by humans, but only by the soul-snatching demons, therefore it is slightly confusing, wordy and above human understanding. This demon is a prideful maniac, often berating underlings, humans and anything God has given. The demon’s words are shocking with some references to murder, sex, youthful ignorance and evilness, as they are demons, and not fairies or gnomes. Some confusion comes to the man because of his possession of the book and yes, it is meant to be read by fallen angels.

HellCniht, hates humans, as humans were favored by God, given a weightless soul and offered salvation, which the demons were not. He wants to snatch a plethora of souls and offer them in trade at the end of time. The demon believes, because he is so shrewd and beyond intelligent, that he will corner God like a genie in a bottle when all things conclude.
After contact with this book, the man feels compelled to translate it. While translating, he is confused, restless and unable to be routine, as if the book has infiltrated his thoughts, like a mental virus. This gifts the reader with intentional misdirection bringing with it expectantly, uneasy feelings and rabbit trails. Several other demons are encountered within the book, of which each has a specific job on earth. This is not overly expanded upon, but will be in a follow-up book.

The translator brings forth the introduction with finding the book, unlocking the book and then writing only the things appearing on pages with little interruption. The writer translates as much as possible, in three long sessions, but ultimately is overwhelmed by the constant unpredictability caused by this demonic book and unsound doctrine. He finds that his visions are seemingly real, amongst weird courtroom sessions in which the demons prove that he knows nothing, and they are a higher power. In the conclusion, the demons provide quick glimpses that they are everywhere on earth, harming other cultures, kingdoms, markets and appear as aliens. Can he prevail and how does the translator end this precariousness in life, imposed on him by a book he never wanted?

A follow-up book is already outlined in which the translator, after a few months of rest, is bombarded by visions of great grief upon the earth, bringing him to waken lying on the ground, in odd places around town, confused and sweating in fear. He eventually fetches the original book from a vault far away and reads it, hoping to end his misery. He then is trapped inside the book, Gehenna, and must argue his return, converse, at best, with the demons and in the process learns more about each previous character.
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