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My entry to the competition: Battle of the Pens Round One.
Round One: Introduction

A teenager, dressed in a black t-shirt and green jeans with holes peppering the knees, stepped onto the outdoor stage, nervous and rather fidgety. Friends and strangers stared up at the girl, silent. They would be watching her every move. Though for now, the audience seemed to be captured by her features. The most striking trait of this person wasn’t their small moments of beauty, but rather the girl’s inability to see any of it. Limbal rings, dark black shapes, circled around her bright green irises, one sharply defined, the other small and compact. Her skin glowed as Apollo’s, the Greek god of the Sun, hot gaze seemed to beam down to rain its warmth on the beautiful coats of light ivory that coated her limbs. Rich, wavy chocolate-colored hair dipped below the crown of her head, with light colors of blue intertwined. Her friend called her beautiful; but all she saw was the flaws. The long and irritating scars that marred her skin, dreaded imperfections, destroyed her view. Focus. This event, the catalyst of all major competitions, would be what would either start her career or crumble it to ashes under her fingers. Taking one last deep breath, the small girl of sixteen strolled up to the microphone and started the journey that would change her life.

“Hello all! I’m Zohar Sora! I’m a nerdy human, a Capricorn, a US resident, and I happen to hate bugs. How’s it going?”

And so it began.

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