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Rated: 18+ · Lyrics · Action/Adventure · #2219413
a young man obsessed with death, lives with the intent of meeting his maker.

In my car doing donuts with my dog
Everybody sucks when they quit drugs
I'm not a people person anyway
Friends get caught then they start snitching
Even your side bitch working for the cops

The only women in my life who never let me down is my mom and the girl I f****
all I'm living for is for love
Tried dying young, that shit dont work
Death cant smell a man without fear
But my brother beware you kick the can quicker, when your brain gets old
Your heart stops cold
Fuck that shit!!!

I keep my last words in my pocket
Cause with a life this fast
there'll be a day I won't come back
if that day ever shall come
And you find my dead mangled headless body all burned up, mom wont cry
She knows I had the last best day of my life
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