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Rated: 18+ · Poetry · Dark · #2219418
How demonic possession must feel. How starts how it ends

I see shadows on the wall
They don't look like me at all
I think they're starting to crawl
Reaching out for me
With long sharp claws
Slowly creeping closer
Close...closer....closely, now
Cold and getting colder
Cold colder deadly
The nighttime sinks deeply
Becoming my blackhole

Where there hasn't been
A bright sunshiney day
Since the day all this began
My own personal hell
My hell hole
To die would be mercy
Because all I do is wonder
Will I ever sleep again
It's the worst thing watching
All your demons come for you
Alone I have to face it
Since no one else can see them
But they know somethings wrong
Ill never beg for God
I'm haunted by all these ghosts
Red white and black ones
War, lies, then death

So this is what it feels like
To concede to your demons
It's this amazing fire inside
Burning all the love away
Burning all the joy.
With no mercy I'm left here
In cold dark fear, eternally
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