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by JJ Del
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Death · #2219438
Chapter One
I should be jumping for joy and I should be ecstatic. Today is June twentieth and it is the last day of school at South Boston High School. Come September of this year I will be a senior and my brother, Tom Mason, will be a junior. Tom and I should be making awesome plans for the summer. We should be going to the various beaches, we should be planning a camping trip, we should see a baseball game, or we should go to a concert or two. We should be carefree and loving life. But we are not planning any of those things for life is very harsh and it is very cold.

Victor and Gwen Mason, our parents, are highly abusive people. Victor is physically abusive and Gwen is emotionally and mentally abusive. Gwen has this thing about walking around the apartment in the nude or just in her underwear. When I am disgusted enough and I tell her to put some clothes on, Gwen just laughs, and this annoys the shit out of me. It is disturbing to see your mother like this not that Gwen is a mother in any real sense of the word. Gwen is not compassionate or loving towards Tom or I. Victor does not seem to care if Gwen is naked or not nor will he say anything.

Victor Mason, our father, is a demented fool. Victor is only five foot ten inches in height and weighs in around three hundred and something pounds. He has black hair that reminds me of a brillo pad and jet black eyes. Victor is a major drug dealer here in South Boston Massachusetts. We always have bizarre people in and out of the apartment or Victor delivers the drugs to the people. Victor’s drugs are top notch or so I hear. Victor also has no gang affiliation for he sells to each gang in the city. Victor has announced that he does not need to belong to a gang for he claims that gangs are worthless. He says he protects himself and I highly doubt that. I believe there is some force that protects Victor while he is dealing. What is it? I have not a clue.

Victor is the physical abuser in the family. He loves beating Tom and I to bloody pulps. It does not matter if he is high on some drug or not, Victor beats us, and I cannot tell you how many times Tom and I have ended up in the hospital. Tom and I have been treated for broken bones and gashes at Mass General Hospital. The doctors have notified DCW, the department of child welfare, and these doctors have reported abusive situations. The DCW has been involved in our lives for about ten years now and they have always found no fault during each investigation of our family. Victor and Gwen put on an act for the DCW and I think the social worker that always visits us is a drug addict. I have seen Victor buy her off with bags of pills or a white powder of some kind.

In March of this year our family got a letter from the courts stating that our case with the DCW is permanently closed per the judge. I do not remember the reason that was given that they closed our case out but I do remember them stating our case is closed and there will be no further investigations. This news had been devastating to Tom and I. We got no real help from the state or from anyone. On the rare occasions that Tom and I had to call the police, Victor was arrested each time, and the reason for each arrest is drug trafficking. I have no idea why Victor is still on the streets selling drugs and not in prison for selling those same drugs. All I can think is Victor is just lucky.

So after the DCW closed our case the abuse got worse. Victor is ready to attack us at any given time and he does not care what is going on around him. It makes us feel so helpless that we cannot defend ourselves. But as I stand here by my car I make the decision that Victor is not going to intimidate me today. I do not care what Victor does, I am planning on fighting back, and I have had enough of getting the shit beaten out of me day in and day out. Victor is going to have a surprise on his hands today and I feel my body tense a little as I stare at the red brick apartment building that should have been condemned decades ago.

I have lingered long enough by the car, it is time to enter the building, and I am filled with dread. I enter the front doors of the apartment building. We live up on the fifth floor and I would take the elevator but it has been broken for months now and I have no hope that it will ever be fixed. So I begin ascending the stairs and I am reminded how much I actually dislike stairs. As I climb the stairs my mind races with thoughts of what Victor may do to me as I make a stand against him. Will Victor beat me more? Probably. Will Victor back off? No way in hell will he back off from beating me or Tom. Victor gets his thrills off of hearing us cry out in pain.

I reach the fifth floor and my thighs burn from the climb. For a moment I rest by leaning on the banister. As I lean against the banister I think of Gwen, our crazed mother, and I frown. Gwen is five feet six inches and almost two hundred pounds. She has extremely oily black hair and muddy brown eyes. I do not think Gwen is attractive but she thinks she is. Gwen is a prostitute and Victor is the one who decides who she sleeps with and who she does not sleep with. Gwen seems to think the more guys she sleeps with the sexier she is. This train of thought makes me want to laugh for she is nothing but a whore. I truly believe that she would sleep with anything that walks and not accept payment but Victor demands the payment up front.

Gwen is the emotional and mental abuser of the family. Gwen frequently tells Tom and I that she should never have had kids for they are a waste of time and she is constantly disappointed that she is a mother. Who the hell says this or thinks this? We are told we should never have been born and that we are a strain on her. I do not know how we are a strain on her since we have not gone to for anything since I was six years old and Tom was five. I have been cooking since I was six as well. If I did not cook than Tom and I would only go hungry for Victor and Gwen would never feed us.

After about twenty minutes of resting on the banister I decide it is time to enter the apartment. I really do not want to be doing this at the moment but I have to. I could escape right now. I could go to the bank and withdraw all my money and disappear. But I would never do that to my brother. I would not leave Tom with the two demons that we live with. Tom and I made a promise to each other four years ago that we would runaway when we had enough money saved in our accounts to do so. At the moment I do not have enough money saved up to allow us to escape just yet. I am almost there and I am hoping by September that we will have enough.
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