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Taking a look into the good and the bad.
I am not a writer. I cannot even pretend that I like reading. However, I have this feeling, aching me, that will not go away and I believe that if I get my thoughts out, they will disappear.

I was 21 working at Twin Peaks. If you do not know what that is, it is the equivalent to Hooters, or Tilted Quilt. I had the good looks and a great personality to match so I thought why not make money, using what my momma gave me. I have always liked being the center of attention, and while working there, I was many customers' favorite. One day, I got sat with a huge party and my whole section was filled. I was running all over the place and did not know when I would even get a chance to sit down and catch my breath. Dont get me wrong though, I have ALWAYS loved the hustle. I feel alive when I am being pulled in different directions, I dont know why so lets just call me crazy. Anyway, with this full section of mine, I prayed that not only would I make good money, butI hoped that I would not get sat anymore. Then he came in. Tall, mature, handsome (for a white guy at that), strong built, with a smile that made you turn your neck. In that instant, I could not be concerned with this random guy seeing that my section was overflowing. But as I walked by the hostess stand, he pointed me out and said, "her. I want her as my waitress". Of course, it was my job to keep a smile on my face and welcome anyone in. So I did just that. Now that I think about it, I wonder what sick coincidence it was that I walked past the hostess stand at that exact moment, and what made him choose me out of all the other ladies (whose sections had wayyyy more room).
As he sat down, I greeted him with my usual phrase and all i could notice is how he stared at me. There was amazement in his eyes as if he had never seen a woman before, let alone a black woman. I asked him if there was anything that I could start him off with and he told me to choose everyhting for him that day. Now my first thought was to run his bill up, but something in me told me to keep it casual and I brought over one of our most popular drinks instead. I came back with
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