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Although there is more hope now for the needy and ill, a large number aren't being reached
First off, I didn't receive my stimulus check in my bank account that I was looking for. However, I have a reserve of some savings even though I'm budgeted. It isn't easy for me to save on a Disability payments. But, I have hope only for myself for the most part. And, there is a little part of me that contributes to my family and select charities. Then, I'm at the bottom of the barrel again because of it, not saving at this time.

I did my part by reaching out, even out--during this pandemic crisis and economic crisis alike. A one, two punch if you will. There are fat cats and skinny cats amongst us. You know who you are or which end of the barrel of your net worth. There is still inequality among us that needs special attention during this coronavirus disturbance.

I'm asking for help in my small quest to 'reach out, even out' campaign that I started. Although, I'm not a legit charity entity myself, I'm urging others to do their fair share during this time of need and contribute. There are many food banks, Salvation Army, the Red Cross and many other favorite charities of your choice out there to help contribute to from your own barrel.

It is astonishing to know how farmers have surplus while the needy are lined up at food banks. We have to gather our thoughts, prayers and equal distribution of goods and funds for all people with their own little barrels. Reach Out, Even Out is ever more relevant than now--please help and do your part if you can--thank you.
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