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by Archie
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I wonder why some people are listening to politicians rather than to doctors

From the relative safety of my home, I watch and listen to the remarks made by various political leaders at the national and at the state level. I look at the daily stats published in the news, and I enter a state of extreme wonder.

It is as if we are in two different countries according to the remarks made by politicians, mainly Republican, when those comments are compared to what medical people are telling us. That's where the wonder comes in. They differ by quite a bit. Who to believe?

More wonder. Many demonstrate to "reopen the state," yet they have access to the same information that I have. True, I am biased. Not by political party, though it may seem that way on this corona-virus issue. My bias is based on who knows more about the issue, scientists and doctors, or politicians? My bias leans heavily toward the scientists and doctors. More wonder enters here. Why are the demonstrators who are eager to "open the state" not listening to the scientists and the doctors? Are they not seeing the stats coming out every day?

Leaving the corona-virus restrictions behind us would be wonderful, but dying would not be wonderful. Sure, we will all die at some point, but why tempt La Muerte? The demonstrators often remind me of young children who demand to go outside to play, yet, it is night time and rain is pouring to the ground with extensive thunder and lightening.

Be patient, people, the end is in sight, oops, not the ultimate end! Be patient and keep up with facts while you dismiss the emotional rantings of people who seem to forget that facts are gleaned rationally from those who have the knowledge and the training to issue facts to the public, the scientists and the doctors.

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