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by Norman
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I've never hurt a soul
It’s karma, there can be no doubt,
that’s come to punish me.
To hit me right between the eyes.
Yeah, what else could it be?

I’ve lived my life in quiet peace;
I’ve never hurt a soul.
Hey, I just wanted solitude;
that was my only goal.

And now it seems I’m in a fix;
I’m really in a mess.
It’s karma getting back at me;
I guess I must confess.

As worthy as I've strived to be,
as kind and innocent,
there must be something in the past
for which I should repent.

Wait a minute, wait a minute.
I’ve done nothing wrong.
This chaos that’s become my life
is not where I belong.

There’s nothing that should cause this pain.
I’ve lived a life that’s pure.
Yeah, karma’s found the wrong address.
Believe me, I am sure.

I think it wants that guy next door,
the one who’s not so nice.
I’ve heard some things about that guy.
He’s been arrested twice.

I guess I’ll have to ring his bell.
I hope the bastard’s there.
Please get this karma off my back,
It’s not for me, I swear.

I just left karma at his door;
I rang the bell and hid.
Now karma will come back for me
because of what I did.

Yeah, karma can be a bitch.

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