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In which Adelaide discovers useless learning.
Adelaide lay on her bed, facing the ceiling, and holding a cube in her hands. More specifically, a Rubik’s Cube. She was twisting the sides, occasionally looking at her messy and haphazard notes in a scraggly notebook, and then turning back to her cube.

Before long, she had finished solving it and frowned at the cube. Adelaide put it aside, stood up, and reached for her other notebook. She took a pen from a cup and opened the notebook to a random page; then she wrote.

Thought #27

First of all, I managed to solve a Rubik’s cube faster than (I think) my best time. But… so what? As in, why did I even go to such pains to learn to solve a Rubik’s Cube? After all, it’s not like it's life-changing or anything. Why should I learn to solve a Rubik’s Cube, when I could be making money, learning something useful, heck, even changing the world?

Well, really, I guess this just comes back to the question, what’s the purpose of doing anything? I’ll have to sleep on that. Yet again.


Adelaide sat at her desk tapping on her desk, and occasionally looking up at the post-it notes on her window.

Tap. Tap…
Tap… Tap. Tap. Tap.
Tap… Tap. Tap… Tap.
Tap… Tap. Tap.

Then she sighed, burrowed her head into her hands, and closed her eyes. Soon she opened her eyes, though, and reached for her notebook. Adelaide scrambled around, trying to find a pen, and—once she did—she started writing.

Thought #29 (or whatever it was)

Why? Why do I keep learning useless things? It’s not like anyone actually uses morse code. Seriously, do I always have to learn the most useless things? Can’t I just learn about something that will help me graduate or something… just something useful. Honestly.

Leads to the same question. Again. What’s the purpose of doing anything? I’ll sleep on that.


Adelaide woke up with a sudden start, fumbled with her night lamp, found her notebook and pen, and then she wrote.

Answer to Thought #28 and #29 (or Thought #27 and #30 (whatever))

I have decided that since I can’t learn useful things, I won’t learn anything.

Adelaide rubbed her eyes, turned the lamp off, and went to sleep contentedly.


Adelaide woke up later during the night before the sun would rise. She vaguely remembered writing something along the lines of ‘I guess I just won’t learn anything’, during the night.

She smacked her forehead, went searching for her notebook—and came out empty-handed. Adelaide searched for a full five minutes, but she still couldn't find anything.

She straightened her back and said loudly for the whole world to hear, “I’ll learn damn well what I want, and damn the consequences.”

Adelaide walked back to bed, pulled the covers over her head, and fell asleep, oblivious to the fact that her parents had woken up and were now looking at each other with a confused look on their faces.
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