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1. Who are you?




2. If tomorrow you die what do you leave behind/ impact?



3. What is the most important work that you can't buy with money?



Instead of introduction, I started with questions, which I invite you to answer.

It is not a rule to start with an introduction, it is imperative to start only.

My goal is to leave a mark on those who come after me.

I, lost about 50% of my life.

I hope you read this book and spend your time with results.

The most vulnerable human being on earth is a definition that some of you will not understand, others will criticize, others will live on your own skin.

Nothing exists, it is a nullity.

So if you exist, you are a uniqueness.

To know yourself you need a human life, or as my dad said you need to eat a sack of salt, as long as you need it.

I add time to your life, make you know yourself, learn to fight and be yourself.

I do not promise you the infinite but I promise you that you will remain with a conclusion and you will be able to implement in your life certain ideas from what I am writing to you now.

Maybe you expect a magic recipe, I do not have that, I am the most sincere and correct person and I write you not from books gathered words, but moments from my life that has donated now half of my life.

You see, why time is important. Because as you know, you cannot buy it, you cannot borrow it, you cannot recover it, it is like a gift of life, it comes with your birth package and becomes your ally or enemy.

We will all leave the world but if tomorrow you die what do you leave behind?

Do not take me as an example, neither positive nor negative, but I discover your meaning on this earth.

I do not know what the continuation of books will be, so do not expect perfection, in life you cannot have the perfect but only the imperfect of the perfect.

As the first page outlines I hope you are still careful about the continuation.

If you haven't answered the questions from the beginning, you can't continue.

If you open the book tomorrow or over a year, 10 with these questions you will give: eyes. . that is, you will have to face it.

Life is a struggle and as you are the most vulnerable being on earth, be fair with yourself and answer the questions from the beginning books but in writing, that for this reason I have left you space, there is your space, there is a crown of your whole being, as now only the mind can control your answers, I propose that at the end of the book when you will find and these questions to be answered but not to copy what you thought at the beginning of the book but what you feel exactly at that moment.

Now you understand, my book has a more exact beginning, it has questions, and my book has an end, that is, exactly your answers will end my book.

I do not stop because what follows is a complexity of trajectories accumulated in the 50% of moments in my life.

Be you is about you as you realized, it is you today, that is now in this moment when you read.

Maybe the title attracted you, maybe a curiosity trait of everyone from childhood, a trait that is a quality if you are aware that it exists and you can use it.

As I told you, when you come to earth you are fully packaged with everything you need to live your own life.

This complete package begins to waste it exactly as time goes by.

Invest in you, I heard this formula I want to print it in your mind now. How to invest, how, and where, you yourself will answer these questions throughout your life.

As a rule, what I noticed is that we as beings observe only 20% of the 100% of the package we were talking about and what is worse, is that we reach old people with regrets.

And now let's start

Do you know what an old man regrets when he realizes that his youth has flown by?

This time I answer, not to say that only for you are all the questions in this book. Any old man regrets not what he did but what he didn't do. You will say within yourself, I knew, like I heard before. To be heard, I assure you that you have heard it but to implement it you have certainly not put it.

And you know why?

Because you are the most vulnerable being on earth, as I am. You don't have to give me justice, time and time will give me justice.

So far I hope you understood something:

  1. You're vulnerable

  2. You are the complete package

  3. You're imperfect

  4. You are unique

So far this is evident.

I haven't finished yet, although it will be a short but comprehensive book. In order not to be vulnerable, you must realize that you came to earth as a package with everything included:



Outside, look in the mirror for more than a second can you resist looking at yourself longer? I'm not telling you to wait an hour to watch yourself, but 2, 3, 4, 5 minutes. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? When you are in front of a mirror next time you will remember these words and your curiosity will make you try to look at yourself for more than a minute in the mirror. I do not ask you to analyze, we are all beautiful through the eyes with, which we also look at from the perspective of our inner states.

If you are in an anxious state because now you are angry, sad, offended it is called anxious, I come back to see if you will not look very nice on the face, correctly. So you will understand that your interior dictates the outside. However, because we see the outside directly both to us and to others, we tend to stop just outside and focus on the outside. But you are outside and inside so this is your package.

We are not mistaken, but we just sum up the totality of values because the interior is not visible, it is simple. You are, a vulnerable person for yourself and you have a strong form precisely to complete this weakness. But the vulnerability can be observed throughout your life when, others will win in front of you, professionally, emotionally and so on. Then you will realize that you read somewhere a book that made you what you are vulnerable.

To develop you are a package with everything included but how is it possible to be vulnerable at the same time. Because not everyone emphasizes indoors, everyone thinks that if you study, read, have an active university, have a successful career is enough.


And I do not want to get old, to be among those old people who regret what they have not done in life.

Time comes to your complete package and you waste it, on the idea I have time to, when I am 25 years old I will have a career, at 30 I am family and with a child, at 40 I have my own business and ready?

Is this what your life is all about?

Just the ones listed?

Your life is from point a to point b

a b

now you have to set a point on the segment of your life so that you can see where you are at the moment.

And if you have everything outside, I ask you why at the end of your life you will regret what you did not and not what you did?

It is an image, the one in which as a child it takes the form of what your life is and how you will be fulfilled and happy only if you follow these steps, that is, at 25 years old, I will have a career, etc.

It's just an image that like a xerox will eventually take shape and that is what will happen. All good and beautiful within yourself you will think to be fulfilled but, always there is a gift and I come back why at the end of my life we still regret what I did not do if everything just looks pink.

This is what you should realize that in this package it is you, inside and outside and if you have made the outside there is no guarantee that you have also made the interior.

Now you may want to ask me:

But you did not say: n: or that I am a complete package?

Now I answer you: you are a whole, without just and maybe but you cannot reach your interior only if you know that it exists and that you can make the most of it.

Example: you go to buy a bottle of water from the store. Okay, you're thirsty and you're in, this is the first sensation, right.

You go in and start searching for the district with water, but in the meantime you are attracted by the sight of an advertisement, a low price, another package, you make a stop, maybe buy something else, nothing wrong, right?

What I want to make you see is that you had an idea to buy something but in the course of it you changed your trajectory as a result of your reaction of your mind and your thinking at that moment.

It seems that your mind controls you.


And how are you still the one who externally has everything you wanted if your whole life so far was only led by your mind?

Believe me I have no intention of this book being full of questions, but short questions are obligatory short answers.

And now you give me justice when I tell you that man is the most vulnerable being on earth

Come on, let's shorten the book, you're a whole then why can't you control your mind and not be present at all times of your life and instead of buying more water and more?

Control your mind and you will control your life but your whole being is not just about your mind, mind, body and heart. Do you have any senses? You cry, you laugh your whole life is pressed with these moments.

And as you have feelings, now I feel a sleep, it's 23.53 at night when I write this book and can you give me a rest break until tomorrow morning?

By the way, I ask:

How many pages do you think this book will contain?



9 hours so my laptop writes that they have been gone since I stopped writing but that does not mean that I slept 9 hours.

Well, again, reader, this is not an ordinary book, with a well-defined form from the beginning, some painters sketch before painting, others have sketches in your imagination.

Dear reader, I invite you for a coffee this morning, you will say a habit not exactly good and not after breakfast, correct but as I told you my awakening today was 7 in the morning, about as many hours of sleep.

Now that we are like two friends at a coffee shop, I want to teach you how to find how many hours of sleep you need.

I do not ask you to say 8 hours, so I write all, so all say, but I remind you you are unique. Starting from the premise that you are unique means that you have a sleep time that you need. You see, my invitation to coffee becomes interesting. How to figure out how much sleep you need?

And today I start with the questions. It's simple: you buy a notebook and a pen, when you turn off the phone, the light or what you do last thing before sleep, write down the date and time when you fall asleep. You will say but keep it in mind. That's how you feel. But as a recommendation do and what I say. So he writes. When you wake up, of course, with the notebook at hand, you will also pass the time you woke up. I want to repeat, it doesn't have to be consecutive days, maybe from time to time, when you don't have to set your alarm on the phone in the morning. You will note about 5 days, 4 days, it is not a rule, with approximation. After these days you will make a finding: you will count the hours of sleep and those that will be approximately the same as most of you will consider. I hope you understood. So you will find out how many hours they need to sleep.

The human body is restored to sleep and if you do not have exactly how much changes or exactly imbalances occur.

Now you see, I didn't invite you for coffee at all.

You begin to discover that your life is about something else. Last night I wanted to ask you if everything is going as you wanted externally and you have all scheduled, career, marriage, children, home, money, car, vacations, do you think all these listed mean happiness?

I ask you: if you have achieved these, why do you get used to them and after acquiring them you no longer feel happy?

Because: happiness is an image already embedded in childhood and after developed how your life should be to be happy. That's how most people think.

But, to discover happiness, what is happiness?

Happiness is a mental state of well being, characterized by positive emotions, thanks to an intense joy. And if it is from the inside, why do you think that your exterior brings you this inner state? Happiness takes on external forms, meaning that from within you takes the form towards the outside: fruitful, lucky, auspicious, auspicious, delicious, enchanting, favorable, skillful, talented, rich.

I will be happy when I have ........................

These achievements make us happy but only for the moment. There are times in your life when you say I can't be happy when ...............................

Managing the difficulties inherent in life will make us more fighters, more courageous, more attentive to our reality, we all have ups and downs in life but time takes them with him and good and bad, to think with a threat does not mean to solve that threatening but continuing to do us harm inside for a long time when we lose?

Our life


And how to handle a problem or threat?

Simply you control your states and not the states you control.

Whenever you have a threat write on paper and write below it, what are you satisfied with at this moment? That is: health, parents in life, a roof over your head, that you see the sunrise, that you can hug a child, that you can help another person.

Now after you have written the threat and why you are satisfied at the moment, look at what you wrote, because that threat is one and all that you represent and that you are satisfied with are many, even many.

From the blackest threat you already see a little diminished as the shape of the sea becomes smaller, this is the first step to understand that you have more reasons to be satisfied than dissatisfied.

How to solve this threat? After writing and reading you will look for 24 hours to find solutions. Not so. You will enter into a state of anxiety that you will not be able to get out easily, your thoughts will press and you will say so. I give you solutions:

Divide the threat into smaller pieces

With completion time

I guarantee you that a professional, sentimental end, of any nature is not your physical death as a man on this earth. You have invisible allies, time and control over the inner states.

You will say all the time, the threat comes to my mind, correctly. But every time he comes back this time, you will know that it is a state that passes with time and that you must have control over your mind. Whenever it comes back to what you can do: something you like, music, sports, writing, cleaning, shopping, eating a chocolate, doing meditation it will make you and make good and not fast decisions.

Every time you have to make decisions after a certain time, not immediately.

It is a certainty that if you rush you will definitely fail.

And I want to keep you stuck something that any visible and imminent crisis comes to the pack with an invisible and long-lasting opportunity. And at the bottom: why don't you die to be the end of what's next? Let it be, life is not just a relationship with yourself, but a relationship with what surrounds you. If there is no harmony, then there is no relationship. And the conclusion why you fight against what does not exist? Why do you force what you know and are aware of? Because you are a mature child who still has the status to hold the toy even if it is of another child, because in your mind is the idea that you will not face what will happen next? I ask you: what's next? Is the end of a professional, sentimental relationship, is the end of the world somehow, does the earth stop rotating? The pain of losing, the fear of the unknown, and all these states gathered will deepen the seas and create cracks that you alone will not be able to cope with.

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