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Rated: E · Short Story · Inspirational · #2219773
Bungfull is a synonym for full. This word seemed interesting to me.
         The word Bungfull is a synonym for the word full. I thought that the word Bungfull seemed interesting to me.

         Sometimes I picture life in little segments; each part is unique, because each segment has a variety of stories to tell. Every person learns something new each day. Some things I put into three categories: (1) Good (2) Not So Good, and (3) Just Plain Bad.

         The coronavirus has hit the world hard; it's just plain bad. Hope and optimism are good qualities to have. I am both a hopeful and an optimistic person. Some days I may have a lot of hope and optimism, and at other times I have a little bit. Even a little bit of hope and optimism gives me the will to hang in there and anticipate a good outcome from a bad situation. If I could restore hope, optimism, and faith in someone, that's what I'd love to be able to do. A Bungfull life is a full life. I believe that we, as Americans, can beat the coronavirus. Prayer is always a wonderful thing. Miracles can happen; I am a product of a miracle; I was a miracle baby. My mother had a very difficult labor with me. She had to carry me along with a tumor in her uterus. I wasn't expected to live. In addition to that, I was born a breech baby.

         My mother lived to be eighty-eight years old. I was able to tell her that the reason I survived, was because I was determined to come into this world. As for being a breech baby, I told her that I came into this world with both feet on the ground. Not long after my mother turned eighty-eight, I was able to tell her that she was at a good age, because if you add the two eights together, then she was sweet sixteen all over again.

         My mother's mother, my grandma, lived to be one hundred years old. She received the highest award in poetry. At the age of eighty-six, she wrote a poem entitled, "The Last One", thinking that it would be the last poem that she would write. She wrote another poem at the age of eighty-seven, and then her last poem was written at the age of one hundred. Even though my grandma is no longer here on earth, I still feel her presence; it's like her spirit lives within me, encouraging me in my writings that I can do it. My grandma also wrote a poem entitled, "Bluebird on a Hill", that was put to music. The fact that she was able to do that, inspires me to do the same.

         The awesome road to a Bungfull life, is what can take me from the struggles that I've dealt with in life to overcoming those struggles. Having an ex-husband who had three habits that were very hard on me. They were (1) a heavy chain smoker, (2) an alcoholic, and (3) a drug addict. He would smoke in the house, which caused me to have stiff joints, which was beginning to affect my health. He ended up passing away; he was also six years older than me. I am sixty-three years old, and I am hoping that people will enjoy reading my books. I've been thinking that I may be able to help someone by encouraging them to keep on trying, and not give up. I've learned to believe in myself, which is something that I've had a hard time to do.

Written By Anna Marie Carlson
Monday, April 20, 2020
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2219773-The-Awesome-Road-to-a-Bungfull-Life