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Character Profile
Stacy Hawks:

Woods Woman

Name Used Throughout Story:


1. Role in Story:

Stacy Hawks is the Central Character. She is a Police Detective who joined the agency for the sole purpose of killing the man, she believes is responsible for kidnapping her 12 year old daughter, Chrystal. She wants Chrystal back and will do anything to accomplish that. However, deep inside she is dealing with the realization that most likely won’t happen. Burying those thoughts she has replaced them with the determination to kill Colton because she believes him to be responsible based on her knowledge of his connections with the syndicate in the past at the same time Chrystal went missing and the heightened activity of the syndicate - sex traffic, drugs, money laundering and hits.

2. Full Birth Name:

Stacy Lynn Hawks

3. Nick Name:

4. Who gave this nick name and why:
NA -

5. What is the theme statement of this story:

Hatred will lead a person astray and distort their judgment and destroy their sound decision making.

6. What is the sub-genre niche of this story? (Eg. Paranormal Romance vs. Chick Lit)

Detective crime,murder mystery.

7. Social Status of Character: (Upper, middle, working, poor class)

Stacy is from the working-middle class group of people.


1. Gender and Sexual Preference: (Man, Woman, Homosexual, Bisexual, Straight)

Gender: Female. Sexual Preference: Straight

2. Comfort level with opposite sex: (Same sex)

Stacy is comfortable with having sexual relationships with men, even those who she is not emotionally involved with. She feels the need to satisfy her urges time to time. She does not date or have sexual relationships with other women.

3. Species:

4. Ethnic Background:

Stacy is Caucasian. As a teenager, she studied her genealogy and was able to trace the majority of her ancestors to Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and Texas before her great-grand parents settled in California. She did uncover some evidence that suggested that a few of her relatives may have come to America on the Mayflower. This evidence could never be verified though, Stacy suspected that a relative back that far may have changed his last name for some reason or another.

5. Birth Date:

February 20, 1990

6. Birth Sign:

February 20th Zodiac
Being a Pisces born on February 20th, your intuition and selflessness are amongst your most defining qualities. You are very aware of your emotions and those of others, which explains how you seem to notice when someone is upset before anyone else.

7. Birthplace:

Half Moon Bay 25 mi out of San Francisco, CA Need more research on Half Moon Bay, point Bonita - description, location, town etc for setting page. Ocean Beach.

8. Age:

30 years

9. Height:

5’ 7”

10. Weight:

130 pounds

11. Is this character a compulsive dieter:

No, Stacy is more a compulsive work-out junkie. She runs daily depending on her work schedule. Goes horseback riding 3 times per week, goes to the gym as much as she can, and works out daily on her Polaris exercise bike at home. Often in the middle of the night. Surfing, bike riding.

12. Current address:

Currently she resides in SF to be as close to work as possible. She resides at The Cliff House Apartments, 125 Ocean View Rd. Apt. 311, San Francisco, Ca.

13. Phone number:(or mode of communication)

(415) 397-1682 Stacy uses only a cell phone for both work-related and personal calls. She does not have a traditional house phone, she considers them a waste of money this day and age.

Political Affiliation:
Republican. She voted for Trump in 2016 and plans on voting for him again in 2020.

14. Personal meaningful possessions:

Stacy was very close to her Bible. It belonged to her mother. It brought back memories of the family gatherings everyday right after breakfast and before school when Mama would pick and read a scripture for the family to start and remember throughout the day and right before bed, the family gatherings and Dad would read the scriptures for an hour before family prayer when he was home.
Her Rosary
The 22 rifle that her dad gave her for her 10th birthday so she could go hunting with him and her two older brothers.
The family pictures and the picture of her mother a year before she died.
Her childhood scrapbook and teenage diary when she and the boys were on the road with their dad.
A taped up box filled with her childhood toys.

15. Does this character still have stuffed toys in his/her bedroom:

Just one, a small brown teddy bear with a black button nose and black button eyes, named Bear. Her mother made him and gave him to her for her third birthday.

16. Location of story:

The story takes place in San Francisco, Ocean Beach, Point Bonita Light House, and Half Moon Bay. Briefly it will include Kern County, Ca.


1. Single: Yes
2. Engaged: No
3. Newly engaged: No
4. Divorced: No
5. Married: No
6. Newly married: No
7. About to be married: No
8. New relationship: No
9. Long distance relationship: No
10. Dating old friend: No, but will meet up again with Joe Rico
11. Separated: No
12. Widowed: No

13. Children: (How many, ages, gender, young, teenage, adult):

Has one female 12 year old daughter, Chrystal. Missing, Believed to have been kidnapped by the Russian Syndicate and sold into sex traffic.

14. Single Parent: Yes

15. Pets: Yes, she owns a solid black, pure-bred German Shepard, by the name of Bert. She found him tied up in a plastic bag that had been thrown in the middle of a busy street, as a puppy with the intent of having him killed. She kept and trained him to guard, attack and obey commands. He responds to commands spoken to him only in French and/or sign language. Just to carry on a conversation with him, she uses English. He is very devoted and protective of her. (Kind, how many, gender, age, color, trained, guard):


1. Childhood Home:

A. Apartment:
B. House: Before she was born, her parents bought a small farm on the edge of Half Moon Bay. The farm consisted of a family of 6, 6 horses, 3 cows, numerous chickens and a vegetable garden for growing, harvesting, and canning. Her mother was adamant about budgeting their money.
C. Rented Trailer: NA
D. Mansion: NA
E. Ranch: NA
F. Casino: NA
G. Poor childhood: Stacy did not have a poor childhood but it was far from privileged. She did not want for anything but she was taught the meaning of a budget at a young age. Her father made good money from his PI firm and later as a long-distance trucker.
H. Privileged background: NA

2. Current Home:

A. Country NA
B. Region: NA
C. Apartment: Yes, in SF. The Cliff House Apartment consists 3 bedrooms, 1 bath and a balcony on the third floor of the Cliff House Apts. It is a modest size apartment. She made one bedroom into an office for studying cases at home. The balcony was shaped in a half circle, overlooking the Ocean Beach and the Pacific Ocean. She likes to keep her Peloris out on the balcony under the awning. She has a clear view of The Golden Gate Bridge and, the still active, Point Bonita Lighthouse. with glass French doors opening into the apartment. The living room was generously lighted by the bay windows also facing the ocean. A modest sized kitchen had a bar that separated it from the living room but still left it open to view. These were the convincing points for Stacy.
D. Condo: NA
E. Hotel: NA
F. Rented Property: NA
G. Owns the property: The family still owns the farm in Half Moon Bay and the animals. Her father comes in for a few days when he is on break from the road, and Stacy always goes home on her days off in addition to her daily visits to feed and water the stock and check the garden.
H. Shared accommodation: (with who) NA
I. Lives alone: Stacy lives alone with with her daughter, Chrystal and her dog, Bert.

3. Hometown and/or current town: Half Moon Bay (home town)

Half Moon Bay - Hometown
San Francisco - Current town

4. Did this character relocate to his/her present town? If so why: Yes, she moved to San Francisco when she was put on the force because she felt the need to be as close to her job as possible to shorten her response time when called in for duty.
A. Small Village: NA
B. Busy city: San Francisco, Ca.
C. International traveler: NA
D. Nomad: (drifter, Gypsy, wanderer) NA
E. Foster care: NA
F. Sgl. Parent home: Yes
G. Orphanage: NA


1. Body Build:

A. Tall: On the tall side 5’ 7”. Takes after her father’s side of the family.
B. Short: NA
C. Fat: NA
D. Skinny: NA
E. Slender: Stacy is slender and well built,with firm, defined muscles.
F. Muscular: Firm and well defined through daily work-outs.
G. In-shape: Keeps herself in-shape.
H. Out-of-shape: NA
I. Dark tanned skin: Her skin is dark tan through surfing, hours at the beach, and horseback riding.
J. Pale-skinned: NA
L. Med. Colored skin: NA

2. Does this character work out on a regular basis? What does he/she do:

Yes. Bike-riding, horseback riding, running, exercise machine, going to the gym, surfing

3. Features:

A. Hair:(Length, texture, curly, kinky, thick, thin, wavy, straight, preferred style, color)

Stacy has long, radiant, thick black hair. It falls below her shoulders, in soft waves. The style that she prefers varies depending on her mood and her agenda for the day. Work - she usually wheres it down, pulled back in a pony tail at the nape of her neck and straight, Dates - she usually wears it down and wavy. Working out - she wears it pulled up in a pony tail and pulls it through the back opening of her S.F. Giants baseball cap. Under-cover work she owned 3 wigs. A Brunette A-line short-cut, a Blond wavy style that fell to her shoulders and an Auburn thick, long, and straight falling to her waist. Going about her personal business she dresses in bluejeans, tank tops, sweaters, sweat shirts.

B. Eyes:( Shape, color, Blind in one or both eyes)

Her eyes are almond shape and deep set, Emerald green. She wore glasses that were black-rimmed with oval shaped lens. For under-cover work for her job, she owned 3 pair of contacts. 1 to make her eyes appear Chocolate Brown, and another to make her eyes appear blue, and 1 that are clear to let her own emerald eyes show.

C. Eye brows:(bushy, thin, thick, shaved, drawn on)

Her eyebrows are black and thick. She thins them down some by plucking. She does not wear any eyebrow coloring. Feels that she doesn’t need it. When doing under-cover work for her job, and she needed the blond or the brunette wig she would shave her eye brows and draw brown arc to serve as eye brows.

D. Skin: (Tattoos, scars, freckles, moles, birthmarks,)

Her skin is fair, soft to the touch, and golden tan with no wrinkles. (Beginning of story) She has a scar over her left eye just above her eyebrow from the 1st bullet from Colton’s gun when it grazed her head and a scar on her left shoulder from a bullet wound that happened on The Ocean Beach, No freckles, moles or birthmarks. She does have a tattoo on her left upper arm of a Sioux arm band. She got this when she was in Montana with her dad. It was done in complete defiance to her dad’s orders when she was 15. She thought it made her look tough, strong and different. A type of person not to mess with. She felt that would help her accomplish anything in life.

E. Forehead:

Her forehead is of average size for an adult. It is not wide or narrow and is in proportion to the shape of her face.

F. Jawline:

Her jawline is soft and smooth. It is proportion to her oval shape face. It gently narrows to form her chin and accents her high cheek bones.

G. Lips:

Her lips are soft, full and sensuous.

H. Mouth:

Her mouth is wide with full sensuous lips. Her favorite color of lipstick was a soft, dark Tawny - a yellowish brown color.

I. Does this character wear glasses, contacts, sun glasses, Rx. Sun glasses”:

Stacy wears Rx black-rimmed glasses with oval shaped lens. She also owns 3 sets of contacts; 1 for making her eyes appear chocolate-brown, 1 for making her eyes appear blue and 1 to let her own emerald green color show. She used these contacts on under-cover work.

J. Hands:

Her hands are small and petite. No fingers missing or abnormalities. When she first applied to the academy, the size of her hands sparked a argumentative conversations between her superiors and her superiors with her questioning her ability to handle a gun. She had to prove herself on the shooting range where she got a perfect grouping on the target.

K. Fingers:

Her fingers are long and slender and in proportion to size of her hands. Her nails are long, but not to long. They are natural, not fake, and she filed, shaped, and applied her own nail polish. She couldn’t see having someone do what she could do herself. She felt that to be a waste of money.
L. Shoulders:

Her shoulders were rounded and straight. When she stood they were erect and back . Firm and well-developed. Her shoulders were pleasant to look at when she wore sleeveless tops and off the shoulder dresses.

M. Limbs:

Her arms and legs are firm and muscular, but in proportion to her body build - keeping in-shape is important to her not only for her job, but it’s the way she relaxes her mind and free it from stress.

N. Complexion:

Her complexion is clear, soft and unblemished. No wrinkles, freckles, pimples, or scars.

O. Face:

Her face is oval shaped

P. Breast/chest:

Her breasts are firm and well developed. She measures 36”.

Q. Waist:

Her waist is small. Her chest and upper torso slopes gently into a small waist then out again to form her attractive hips. Her waist measures 24”
R. Hips:

Her hips are not big or too small. Like the rest of her her butt is firm. She measures 36”

S. Neck:

Her neck is long, slender, and aristocratic. The length and size are proportionate to the rest of her body.

T. Ears:

She has small ears. Not pinned back or protruding.

U. Nose:

Her nose is small and straight.

V. Teeth:

Her teeth are perfect, straight and white. None missing or false.

W. Posture:

Straight and shows her self-confidence.

X. How they walk:

Stacy walks with a slow even pace, unless her job calls for her move quickly, and she can. She has a gentle sway of her hips unless she sees someone rhat she would like to know or likes already then she accents her hip movements.

Y. Body piercings:- Her ears. She wears pierce earrings (small studs daily or hoops or fancy long earrings if out on a date.

Z. Facial Hair:- None

4. Clothing:

A. What is her/his style of clothing: (Conventional, unconventional)

Her style of dress is conventional. For work she wears her pant suit with a tank top under her jacket, and a mid-length long black coat depending on the time of day and season In S.F. Off work, she dresses in slim-leg blue jeans, tank tops, sweat shirts and a jacket depending on the season and/or the time of day in S.F. Going out she dresses up in low cut dresses, or off the shoulder dresses to show some cleavage and heels with a small matching carry purse. Shawl.

B. Do their clothes match:

Yes always unless her job assignment dictates otherwise.

C. Is their appearance distinctive:

No, she blends with the crowd. She keeps her badge, ID and both guns concealed to prevent others from knowing she is a detective.

D. Does he/she blend in with other people:- yes

E. Is he/she conventionally (following or agreeing with the established form) attractive or unattractive: Attractive - appearance has always a priority with her.

F. Ailments:-None

G. What makes him or her enigmatic:

Stacy is a loner and prefers to keep it that way. She trusts no one. Except her family and Granny Kay who had become more of a mother-figure to her.
She does have friends, but they are carefully chosen. Her friends and co-workers never can anticipate her mood because as most often, her facial expressions and body language never reveal what she is feeling on the inside. What she feels on the inside most often dictates her behavior response to a situation. (Gut Feeling).
She takes her time to react or give a response. She assesses to situation and weighs her options before responding or giving her opinion.
She lives only in the present and speaks only of the present scenario.
She intercepts wisely only when needed.
Doesn’t like to depend on anyone for anything

H. Elaborate make-up: - No. It is conservative just like her personality and follows her tastes in clothing choices.

I. Manicured fingernails: (Long, short, favorite color of nail polish)

Her nails are long, but not to long. They her natural nails and she does her own nails. Favorite color of nail polish is Tawney like her lipstick.

J. Favorite perfume: - Charlie and Christian Dior

K. Favorite body wash: Suave Honey Peach

L. Favorite shampoo and conditioner. What does it smell like: Suave Honey Peach - Smells like honey and peaches.

M. Is clothing (Conservative, provocative, colorful, drab, vintage, couture, work-wear, sports): Her clothing is conservative but colorful, work wear and personal choice. Ie. Jeans, tank tops, sweats, base ball caps.


1. Mother: Chrystal Louise Hawks
A. Living: No
B. Dead: (Character’s age)Deceased June 15, 1997. Stacy was 7 yrs old. Her mother was diagnosed with an inoperable form of brain cancer in 1994.
C. Elderly and needs care or nursing: No
D. Relationship with character: - From birth until her mother’s death, Stacy and her mother were very close. They did everything that Stacy was able at that age, together. Stacy named her daughter after her mother.
E. Occupation: -Disabled and stay-at-home mom.

2. Father:
A. Living:Michael Jay Hawks
B. Dead: (Character’s age)- No
C. Elderly and needs care or nursing: No
D. Relationship with character:- Michael was elated when Stacy was born. He felt very close to her because she was female, different and independent. He didn’t approve of her becoming a Police Detective and they argued over that all the time. He felt she should be home taking care of a family and not holding down some job. He always felt the failure of her relationship with Tom was related to her refusing to stay home. At the same time he felt that he had to protect her. He always felt that there was something bothering her and she refused to talk about to anyone, but he knew that is was related to Chrystal’s disappearance. Occasionally when her behavior appeared strange to him he would call his inside contact at the prescient to find out her assignment and follow her. He also had difficulty discussing her mother with her because he never got over her death.

E. Occupation:

Michael was a successful Private Investigator in his best friend’s, Mark, firm. When Chrystal, his wife, died. He could no longer to stay in the house, but he couldn’t sell it because it held such fond memories. He retired and turned Long Haul Trucker driver. He took the kids and home-schooled them on the road, fulfilling his promise to Chrystal to never leave the kids again. He loved the wide-open spaces and not being tied down in one spot.

F. Siblings: (How many, ages, names, gender, relationship with character:

Stacy had 2 older brothers. Eric, 2 years older than Stacy, he would have been 32. At the age of 16 he died of a drug over-dose, Heroine. Patrick, 4 years older than Stacy, became a Priest at the St. Ann's Cathedral.

A. Twin brother or sister: NA
B. Half-brother or sister: NA
C. Step-family: NA
D. Step-parents: NA
E. Adoptive parents: NA
F. Do they live close by to the character:
Yes - San Francisco

G. Grandparents:- None living on either side of the family. They died before Stacy was born and she never knew them.

A. Living: No
B. Dead: Yes
C. Elderly and needs care or nursing: No
D. Relationship with character: None
E. Occupation: NA
F. Do they live close by to the character:
Buried in San Francisco

1. What values and beliefs did Stacy’s parents, grandparents, guardians work to install in him/her:

Stacy’s parents, both very religious, taught her to follow the Commandments whole heartedly and never allow herself to be swayed. To always be honest and kind.

2. How did his/her upbringing shape him/her for the better or worse:

Stacy was happy and followed the teaching’s of her parents and the church until Chrystal disappeared. Then she became obsessed with the scripture An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. She wouldn’t allow herself trust anyone, nor become close to anyone except her brother Patrick and her father. Her relationship with Patrick was very close, she could tell him her deepest thoughts that she felt that she couldn’t tell her father.

Significant Others:(Aunts, Uncles, Friends, Church Leaders, Teachers, Co-workers, Siblings, Parents, Grandparents, etc.)

A. Aunts - None
B. Uncles - None
C. Friends -
Jill Martin - Investigative Reporter
Granny Fay - More of a mother-figure to Stacy for several years. Owner of Granny Fay’s Cafe
Skelly - Works with Stacy’s father keeping Stacy under surveillance. Wants to be more than considered a friend
Joe Rico - Ex-lover, Chrystal’s father, Italian syndicate leader, and helps her to infiltrate the Russian Syndicate.
Stacy’s Father -
Patrick - Stacy’s brother and Priest
Teachers - None
Co-workers - No longer trusts them

1. How did these relationships shape him/her at the time:

Skelly was a member of the Special Forces (Recon Marines) home on leave. Mark, her fathers friend, ran his firm out of the lighthouse and Skelly stayed with him while on leave and wants to be more than friends. Mark encouraged her to join a gun club to become proficient in handling guns and shooting. He also encouraged her to join an archery club to become proficient with a bow and arrow. He taught her the art of self-defense.

Jill - Is Stacy’s best friend. They met while still in college and Stacy got a job working for Jill’s father at his gun club. Jill helps to keep Stacy informed of Colton’s whereabouts.

Granny Fay - Is more of a mother figure to Stacy. Stacy feels that she can tell her anything in confidence and the advice that Granny gives is reliable.

Joe Rico - Is Stacy’s ex-lover and Chrystal's father. They are still friends.

Stacy’s Father - Michael Jay is always watching out for Stacy. He has learned to keep his opinion to himself. He disapproves of the type of choices that she has made during the past three years. He is forced by his superiors not to disclose his work with her.

Patrick - Is battling demons of his own, accepting money from the Russians for laundering. He has no clue Colton’s whole story and feels that he is betraying Stacy, Chrystal and his vows. At the same time he knowshis sister well enough to know what she wants to do and tries to keep her from it.

2. Is Stacy still influenced by these relationships: Yes

3. Does Stacy still maintain relationships with the people who had the most impact on him/her in the past? Why or why not:

Yes, because she feels that she can trust Patrick, her father, and her Skelly not to betray her.

4. In what way did these relationships have a lasting impact on Stacy:

These relationships helped her learn what she needed to learn in order to accomplish her goal and keep her determination.

5. Has Stacy aligned or separated his or herself from the values and beliefs he/she was taught while growing up, as well as those of past friends, schoolmates, or co-workers:

Unable to completely separate herself from all of her teachings in life, she chose to bury them except for those that fed her purpose.

6. What life choices has Stacy made that were impacted by past relationships (e.g. career, education, romances, vices, etc):

She became an expert at gun shooting, archery and self-defense and the mother of a beautiful daughter. Became a Police Detective.
Ended her relationship with Tom because she refused to give up her job and her goal of killing Colton.
She began to go to bars and learned to drink and smoke. Alcohol, at times, would dictate her behavior and temper.


1. Personality Types: (Which type best expresses this character)

Stacy has a Choleric personality:

1. Very strong-willed, Independence, confident & decisive, and goal-orientated all go hand-in-hand with Stacy. Once she makes her there is no changing it, She likes doing for herself, asking none for help or advice. Her self-confidence she keeps visible.
2. Pretends to be an extrovert when she really a introvert in her personal life. She pretends being an extrovert at work. - She hates being around too close to other people and she detests crowds. At work, she has to maintain an out-going personalty in hopes of gaining any and all inside information.
3. Very active - She is very active with her exercise routine.
4. Quick-tempered - She loses her temper quickly and sometimes over nothing. She has an anger issue.

A. Choleric: It has been written that this type is most typical of men. It is the author’s opinion (especially in this day and age and the future to come) that women can equally share a Choleric Personality:

1. Characterized by:

A. Strong-will
B. Active
C. Extroverted
D. Quick-tempered
E. Impatience
F. Independence
G. Practical
H. Confident and Decisive
I. Visionary -full of ideas
J. A planner and Goal-oriented

2. Strengths:

A. Goal-orientated
B. Optimist
C. A doer; prefers to be in charge
D. Will delegate work to others
E. Self-sufficient
F. Confident
G. Other strong strengths include: born leader, dynamic & active, compulsive need for change, must correct wrongs, strong-willed & decisive, unemotional, not easily discouraged, Independent, confident.

3. Weaknesses:

A. Sometimes over-looks details and analyzes them
B. Does quick-thinking (decision making)
C. Manipulative
D. Other weaknesses include: Bossy & impatient, quick-tempered, impetuous - acting quickly without thought or care, Enjoys controversy & arguments, won’t give up when losing, inflexible, uncomplimentary, unsympathetic, little toleration for mistakes, rude, tactless, believes the end justifies the means, believes to know all.

B. Sanguine: No

1. Characterized by:

A. Highly talkative
B. Enthusiastic
C. Active
D. Social
E. Extroverted - loves being part of a crowd
F. Outgoing
G. Charismatic
H. Engages in risk seeking behavior

2. Weaknesses:

A. Talks more than listens
B. High self-esteem; tends to showw-off
C. Extreme emotions
D. Tends to avoid those that bore him/her

C. Melancholy: No

1. Characterized by:

A. Analytical
B. Detail orientated
C. Deep thinker and feeler
D. Introverted - avoids crowds
E. Self-reliant

2. Weakness:

A. Reserved and often anxious
B. Strives constantly for perfection in self and surroundings
C. Tidy detail behavior

D. Phlegmatic: No

1. Characterized by:

A. Peace at all costs
B. No fear of rejection
C. Can handle hostile and unaffectionate people
D. Easy going
F. No emotional outbursts
G. Exaggerated feelings
H. Anger
I. Bitter
J. Unforgiving

2. Does this character always or occasionally do any of the following and why:

A. Twitching - No
B. Finger tapping - Yes, when in deep thought, bored, or nervous
C. Hand rubbing -No
D. Hair flicking Sometimes when under pressure
E. Fidgeting No
F. Obsessive cleaning -No
G. Pen organizing No
H. Totally messy: No
I. Obvious health problems/disabled: No
J. Introspective (self-scrutiny) No - hatred and determination blinds her from her own behavior and choices that she makes.
K. Constantly chatting: No, Stacy listens more than she speaks in order to pick up any information.

1. Whom does Stacy enjoy speaking with the most:

Granny Fay. She feels as though she can talk to her about anything including her work. She and her dad are close but when or if she brings up her work, he becomes fidgety, starts pacing the floor, and clams up. Stacy always thought it had something to do why he retired from PI work and took up truck driving, but she didn’t know why. All she knew was his last case was botched, she didn’t know how.She knew that Mark and Skelly knew, but they would never discuss it.

2. What topics do they love to discuss:

Work, weather, sports, entertainment - just about anything.

3. What people and/or topics do they avoid at all costs:

She won’t talk much about Joe or the Russians

4. What type of body language does he/she use:

It depends on the situation and her mood; from folding her arms across her chest and setting her jaw, (anger and pouting when things didn’t go her way. Nervous habit of clenching her fists, turning her back and thrusting her arm in a downward manner to cut someone off, putting her hand in front of her face and squeezing her fingers together and trusting it upward to signal “Stick it up your ass” and/or “You’re full of shit”

5. Is he/she optimistic, pessimistic,or realistic:

Stacy is a complicated woman. At work she always appears optimistic and her co-workers enjoy being around her and working with her. No one knows or suspects her real motive for joining the force. She always appears calm and in control. While underneath is a continuous rage of anger and hate. At times she becomes pessimistic about the reality of her reaching her goal, but has mastered the art of replacing that with determination. Not even her closest co-worker, her partner, Tom Stone, doesn’t suspect and he is sure that he knows everything about her.

6. Is he cynical or trusting:

Stacy is a cynical person. She trusts no one. She has taught herself to listen and analyze the situation and the vibes that she picks up from other people. She studies their mannerisms, body language, facial expressions and voice looking for alternative motives.

7. Does he/she run most frequently on emotion or logic:

Logic yet underneath emotion runs unchecked.


1. How confident is Stacy:

She is very self-confident so long as she maintains her focus on her goal. If that wavers, even slightly, she begins to feel a little unsure of herself.

2. Does his/her confidence affect his/her external expressions:

Yes. Stacy is a very good actress. She draws her inner strength from her confidence and the positive reactions of others to her outward appearance.

3. What causes Stacy’s confidence to rise or fall:

Other’s trying to get to close to her and pry into her personal life and thoughts. The conflict between her need for revenge and her religious up-bringing. Her conversations with Patrick, attending mass and confession. She can’t let herself push the religion out of her life and that causes her confidence in obtaining her goal to weaken.

4. Does Stacy cling to any false beliefs:

Yes. That killing Colton will make her feel better and find Chrystal—alive. The end justifies the means.

5. Does he/she hold grudges or is prejudiced in any way:

Yes, toward the people responsible for the disappearance of her daughter.

6. What negative thoughts does he/she frequently think about themselves:

That she must be stupid, weak and blind because after 3 years she still has no leads. She makes herself override these feelings making herself believe that Colton will make a mistake, get arrested and then he’s hers, if she can’t find him first.

7. Does Stacy struggle with their mental health: No

8. How do doubts, fears, and/or mental health illness hinder him/her in their daily life:

Stacy is aware of her doubts, fears and weaknesses. She has mastered the art of hiding them in order to conduct her daily life.

9. Emotional stability:

Stacy has let herself become full of anger through her sense of guilt. She won’t admit it. She also carries guilt for Chrystal’s disappearance. If she had gone with her that day, she feels, this would not have happened

10. Internal conflicts:

Her internal conflict rises between her religious up bringing, and her need for revenge— to kill Colton.
internal conflict' refers to a character's internal struggle. A character might struggle with an emotional problem such as fear of intimacy or abandonment, for example.

11. External conflicts:

Her external conflict with her Father and her brother, the priest. They discover her true motives and try to stop her. The chief has ordered her off the latest “copy cat” homicide, calling it a accidental death or he will be forced to fire her. External conflict, on the other hand, refers to the conflicts between a character and external forces.


1. What language does he/she speak:

She is fluent in both English and French and speaks passable Spanish and Chinese

2. Is it their native tongue:


3. Does he/she have an accent? If so, what kind:

No distinguishable accent

4. Has his/her accent changed over time? If so, how and why: - No

5. Is he/she long-winded, clipped, awkward: - none. She is care before speaking, analyzing the situation or person first.

6. Is he/she able to speak? If not why: Yes

7. How varied is his/her vocabulary: - She has control over a wide vocabulary. She adapts according to the type of crowd she is in. She has learned that this the best way to obtain information.

8. How does he/she change his/her words to please others or achieve a certain end: - By analyzing the situation, surroundings, and person or persons with whom she is speaking with.

9. What is the pitch of his/her voice: - She has a perfect pitch, speaks softly, with a medium tone.

10. Does he/she mumble or mutter: - no, she pronounces her word distinctly.

11. Is his/her internal attitude reflected in the way he/she speaks: - No, she keeps her internal attitude in control and hidden.

12. What expressions and mannerisms does he/she often employ: - She moves her hands a lot when she speaks, when in deep thought or going over a case or extremely nervous about something, she starts finger tapping.

13. Does he/she make eye contact: - Yes always, very rarely will she break eye contact first. That only happens when someone is getting to personal and tries to invade her thoughts.

14. How does his/her body language change in the presence of certain people: - If with people she doesn’t know, trust or dislike, her posture stiffens and she crosses her arms across her chest. Does not use hands when speaking.


1. Past traumatic event: - Her mother dieing when she was 7 yrs, Her brother, Eric, dieing when she was 14 yrs, and Chrystal’s disappearance.

2. Personal experience: - A year after she joined the force she had an affair with her partner, Tom Stone. He was divorced and the father a boy and a girl, 7 yrs. & 10 yrs. The higher-ups found out and they both were told to end it or one or both of them would have to quit or take an early retirement due to ethics. Jake wanted Stacy to quit, marry him and be a house wife. Like her father he believed that woman’s place was in the home and not the holding down a job, let a lone a Police Detective’s job. Stacy refused because it went against her plans and everything she believed in. Their relationship ended bitterly.

3. Loss of a family member/close friend: - She was devastated at the loss of mother and brother, but couldn’t come to grips with the disappearance of her daughter.

4. Rejection and by who:

Joe Rico. Stacy met Joe while in college and they began a serious relationship. Stacy didn’t know than at the time (She’ll find this out later) that Joe, under the direction of his father, ran the Norangheta. The Italian Mafia. His father was the Capo dei cap or the DON and Joe was next in line. They dealt in drug trafficking, cigarette contraband, Extortion, skimming of public contracts and usury ( the illegal act or practice of lending money at unreasonably high rates of interest). Joe loved her so much that he felt it better to break off the relationship than get her mixed up in the family business and ruin her career for her safety and sake. Stacy was heart broken. Joe was the only person that Stacy had confided about her search for Frank Colton and why. She could never figure out why she opened up to him so easily.

5. Betrayal by lover: Yes, her partner Tom Stone. He wanted the promotion to the Chief’s job. Both he and the Chief are mixed up with the Russian Syndicate and help the judges keep them out of the reach of the law.

6. Betrayal by a close trusted friend/relative: No

7. List the most common emotions (e.g. happiness, sadness, joy, grief, etc.) - Anger, happiness, sadness and worry.

8. Define what situations and experiences would cause to feel each emotion: - Anger is what drives her daily and keeps her focused on her goal, she feels happy when she is at work and working on cases. Happiness Solving a case always makes her happy. Relaxing and going down to “The Silver Fox Bar and Grill,” and “Granny Fay’s Cafe” meeting up with her old friend, Jill, and talk about anything and everything. Sometimes Skelly would find them there and join in. ( The Silver Fox is a favorite police force hang-out)

1. Intelligence:

Stacy is a very intelligent person. She graduated with honors from college and third in her class from the Police Academy. The only courses she had to take that she didn’t like and struggled with was Public Speaking and Science. Those classes she got through with a c - a passing grade.

2. Did he/she attend public, private, military, religious school: Stacy and her brothers were home schooled through high school by their dad while on the road. Stacy and Patrick both got diplomas, but Eric had died at a young age, 16 yrs. He rebelled against his father and took off at the age of 15.

3. High school: - Home schooled - issued a diploma

4. College: Went straight into a University

5. University: Sanford University, San Francisco

6. Special training: Law Enforcement at The Academy, South Bay Regional Public Safety Training, San Francisco.

7. Home schooled: - Yes

8. On-line training: - Yes

9. What degrees does he/she hold: Masters and Police Academy

10. What was his/her GPA: 4.2

11. What is his/her academic accomplishments: Graduating from Sanford University and the Police Academy.

12. Is he/she using those qualifications:Yes, she served two years as a Police Detective on the San Francisco Police Force and now works as a Police Detective.

13. Professional qualifications:Police Academy and Law Enforcement.

14. Dream profession or life-style: She feels that she has accomplished what she trained herself for since she was 15. She wants to be Chief Investigator.

15. What is stopping him/her from getting it: The Russian Syndicate, Frank Colton, the Chief’s and Tom’s attitude about women.


1. Occupation: Police Detective

2. Current work profile: Detective, go by the book, serious about her job works well with partner Tom Stone up to a point.

3. Professional or manual: Professional

4. Income level and expenses: $63,000/yr. Rent, Food, Gas, Electricity, personal

5. Type of work - solo or in a team: Works as team with Detective Tom Stone


1. Sporty: Baseball,
2. Athletic: Golf, running, exercising, Bike riding
3. Technical: No
4. Computer geek: No
5. Observational: Yes very keen
6. Crafts: No won’t allow herself time for it. Holds those feelings inside.
7. Creative: Yes, but allow herself time
8. Cooking: Yes, she loves to cook. Her mom taught her how. She especially loves to cook on holidays, it brings fond memories back to her.
9. Business and money: Very tight with money
10. Weapons - type: Yes proficient - shooting pistols, rifles, bow and arrows
11. Patience: Strong with patience
12. Caring personality: Yes
13. Sharp and cruel: Not at work or in public, but can be at times, if situations calls for it.


1. Does he/she collect things? If so, what: No

2. Does he/she visit art galleries and museums: No

3. Does he/she indulge in creative arts and crafts. If so, what kind: No

4. Does he/she love vintage cars: No

5. Is he/she a stamp expert: No

6. Does he/she like to go to live music concerts: Occasionally

7. Does he/she visit casinos to gamble once a month or more often: Yes, she gambles ( sometimes too much) but she goes in hopes of catching a glimpse of Colton

8. Is he/she a member of a gun club: Yes, The Coyote Point Rifle & Pistol Club and The Golden Gate Archery Range -*** (Stacy met Julie her friend at the gun club. Julie’s father owns it and Stacy worked there during college.)****

9. Is he/she a expert shot: Yes, with a pistol, high power rifle, bow & arrow and a crossbow.


1. What are this character’s strengths:


2. Define 3-5 of his/her most prevalent strengths/positive traits (e.g. determination, compassion, creativity, etc.)

*Determination - Stacy makes up her mind and there is no changing it. She refuses to give up and will find a way, no matter what, to get what she wants.
*Goal-orientated - When she sets her mind to obtaining something, she will do anything, use any one to get it and do it well.
*Independent - Stacy does like depending on anybody for anything. She believes that she can handle everything.
*Confident - Stacy has always believed in herself. Her mother taught her value of relying on herself to become somebody important. She feels that someone can’t accept her for who and what she is then to hell with them and they don’t need to be around her. She also believes that if you want something out of life then you gotta take it because the world won’t meet anyone half way.


1. What are this character’s weaknesses:

Impetuous - acts quickly without thought or care, reacts before thinking by letting emotions rule
Drinking and smoking too much

2. Define 3-5 of his/her most prevalent weaknesses/negative traits (e.g. anger, alcohol abuse, prejudice, envy, etc.):

*Manipulative - As Stacy became more independent, she learned that it was necessary to use, promise anything, sweet talk and sometimes lie to other people to get what she wanted. Men were always her easiest targets.
*Quick-tempered - When she didn’t have complete control over her emotions and practice her “think before responding” act she was quick to lose her temper. As a general rule, she kept her temper under control on the outside even if she was raging on the inside.
*Impetuous - Acting quickly without thought or care or reacting before thinking by letting emotions rule would surface with her impatience if things didn’t move quick enough her way.
*Drinking and smoking too much - The stress of Chrystal’s disappearance, no news, slow IDs of dead girls showing up, losing her promotion, the break-up with Tom, Joe coming back into her life, her new-found feelings for Skelly, getting herself shot and putting on an act for the Russians, led Stacy to begin drinking and smoking. She began with just the week-ends and now drinks whenever she can. She is especially fond of Granny’s brew. She has gone from smoking a half pack cigarettes (Camels) a day to two packs a day.

3. Who is this character at the beginning of the story:

Stacy is a happy 30 year old woman, raising a 12 year old daughter. She is a loyal Catholic who has finally achieved her life goal, becoming a Police Detective. Being very good at her job, she was recommended to be promoted to the Chief Investigator of the squad. Three years into her job, she daughter disappeared, the Russian Syndicate had heightened their activities in San Francisco and Colton Franks, the Syndicate’s right hand man, had been arrested, but let go because of a mistrial. Stacy believed that he was behind her daughter’s disappearance. Hatred and the obsession to kill Colton became her priorities - she changed - left with the inner struggle of church vs. Murder.

4. What flaws holds him/her back from happiness or fulfillment:

True happiness and fulfillment for Stacy would be to have her daughter back and life to return to the way it was. Deep inside Stacy knows that this will not happen, but she is in denial and allows anger and hatred dictate her path.

5. How do the events of my story shape him/her for the better or the worse:

The events that are being set up are intended to bring Stacy full circle. Even though she is a strong-minded, strong-willed person, she will suffer ups and rock-bottom downs as the truths unfold before her leading her back to the priorities that she tried to bury in order to justify her hatred and motives. In the end, she will solve the case without realizing that she has opened the right doors. This will cause her to back up, face a new important choice.

6. Does he/she overcome his/her flaws and the obstacles that stand in the way. If so, how:

She has to face the truth and recognize the obstacles, then logically deal with them by seeking and leaning on the necessary help that has been placed before her.

7. Who has this character become by the end of the story:

Stacy grows in a well-adjusted, talented detective who is able to analyze and solve cases by making the right choices. This in-turn allows her to find love and fill a large gap in her life.

8. How is this character dissatisfied:

Chrystal is gone, Stacy cannot get information and becomes impatient, leaving herself open to mistakes. This causes a problem inside her because as a general rule, in others, she has little tolerance for mistakes.

9. What does this character believe will bring him/her satisfaction:

Stacy believes the killing Colton will bring her ultimate satisfaction

10. What flaw(s) would most hinder his/her journey to find happiness:

Determination by focuses on the wrong primary priority in her life.
Allowing being impetuous to flourish
Letting her emotions take control in the place of logic

11. How did this flaw(s) originate:

Chrystal’s disappearance, becoming to emotionally involved, not seeing the whole picture or knowing all the facts.

12. How might this flaw(s) cause the character to hurt him/her self and/or others:

By making the wrong choice and acting before all the facts are known. Refusing the help to make the right choice.

13. Does this character need to overcome this flaw(s) to realize what will truly make him/her happy:

Yes. She must be able to see what already is before her.


1. What is his/her religion:


2. Is he/she still active in their faith:

Not as active as before Chrystal disappeared.

3. What are his/her moral and ethical beliefs:

She believes in The Ten Commandments and has always conducted her life by them like her mother had taught her.

4. Does this character rebel from common societal or religious norms in any way? If so, Why:

When Chrystal disappeared she blamed God and the Church for letting it happen causing the wound from her mother’s death to re-open and letting her feelings escape their tomb. She never came to terms with her mother’s death, teaching her how to masquerade her true feelings.

5. What prejudices does this character hold and why:

She has zero tolerance for people who cause hurt to others. It was how she was raised and a part of her that she could never ignore.

6. What is this character’s ideal vision for his/her life. Why:

Her ideal vision for her life was at first to be the best detective, promoted to Chief, a well-balanced home with Chrystal and someone who loved her for who and what she was. Then it changed, all she could see was getting Chrystal back and life going back to the way it was.

7. What would cause this character to view his/her life a failure. Why:

Losing everything and not killing Colton.

8. What does this character view as a waste of time. Why:

Taking the criminals to court. They are always set free except those who commit petty crimes in her book.

9. Who or what is the most important thing in this character’s life. Why:

At this moment - killing Colton Franks.

10. What is this character’s views on money, power, and fame. Why:

Tight with money - doesn’t grow on trees
Needs the power to obtain what she needs to fill her goal
Doesn’t want fame or a high profile - feels that could ruin everything

11. How does this character generally treat other people, strangers or familiar. Why:

With caution. She doesn’t trust anyone except for a self-selected few.


1. Favorite food and/or restaurants:

Spaghetti, salad, French bread
All vegetables
Ham Shanks and Beans
Mexican Restaurants
Chinese Restaurants

2. Least favorite food:


3. Does this character indulge in coffee, tea, green tea, wine (favorite), beer, hard liquor, fizzy drinks/cola:

Some wine - no particular kind
Beer - Bud
Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey
Granny Fay’s Brew



Working out
Horse back riding
Going back to farm to care for the stock and scratch around in the garden
Drinking & Smoking

2. Dislikes:

Nosy, pushy people
Loud noises

3. Favorite music:
Country music
Rock n’ roll from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s

4. Favorite reading material:
Romance Novels
Mystery Novels
Fiction Law Novels

5. Favorite thing to do:

For down time to think and clear head, work-out and horseback ride

6. Things he/she takes pride in:

Her daughter
Her looks
Her brains

7. Things that bother him/her:

Rude people
Nosy, pushy people
Loud noises

8. Things that make him/her laugh:

Flintstones cartoons

9. What are three of his/her happiest memories:

Cooking in the kitchen with her mother
Chrystal’s birth
Graduating the Police Academy
The first of her job

10. What are three of his/her most upsetting memories:

Her mother’s death
Her brother, Eric’s death
Chrystal’s disappearance

11. When did this character first experience grief:

At the age of 7, her mother’s death

12. What valuable lesson did he/she learn from memorable past events:

How to smile
How to hide her true feelings and let others see only what she wanted them to see.


Sometimes what the character believes what they want—what truly believe will bring them satisfaction—isn’t what they need. Their journey then becomes one of transformation, in which they must mature, if they are to find true satisfaction:

1. What are the character’s wants, needs, and desires:

Wants: Chrystal back, Colton dead, the Russian Syndicate crushed
Needs: Balance in her life, acceptance of what she can’t change, self-respect and tolerance of others
Desires: Happy, warm home like she had when her mother was still alive.

2. What do they want so bad in life that they are willing to risk their life and limbs to get it. Are the stakes

Colton Franks dead.

3. Will obtaining this object bring true satisfaction, fulfillment and happiness:

No - she has to realize this.

4. What are the pivotal points in this character’s life:

Chrystal’s disappearance
Getting shot
Mutilated female body, and the body of an infant washing up on shore
Contacting Joe Rico after 15 years
Buy an untraceable gun from the black market
Stealing the Need-to-know-only files
Infiltrating the Russian Syndicate
Coming face-to-face with Colton

5. What is this character’s MO:

Hiding behind a disguise both physical and emotional to get what she wants.


1. Does this character have any super powers: NA
2. What powers does he/she have: NA
3. Is he/she in complete control over his/her powers and when he/she can use them? Do they strike when he/she is experiencing a certain mood or emotion: NA
4. Does he/she ever lose their powers? Why: NA
5. How does he/she get them back: NA
6. Is he/she a soldier/warrior, If so, what rank: NA
7. What is his/her weapon of choice: NA
8. If the CC is an animal or object, do they have humanistic characteristics. If so, what: NA
9. What world does this character come from: NA
10. How and when did they get here (earth or wherever) and why: NA
11. What is this character’s goal (mission) and why: NA


Stacy Hawks is the Central Character. She is a Police Detective who joined the agency for the sole purpose of killing the man, she believes is responsible for kidnapping her 12 year old daughter, Chrystal. She wants Chrystal back and will do anything to accomplish that. However, deep inside she is dealing with the realization that most likely won’t happen. Burying those thoughts she has replaced them with the determination to kill Colton because she believes him to be responsible based on her knowledge of his connections with the syndicate in the past at the same time Chrystal went missing and the heightened activity of the syndicate - sex traffic, drugs, money laundering and hits.
Stacy is a happy 30 year old woman, raising a 12 year old daughter. She is a loyal Catholic who has finally achieved her life goal, becoming a Police Detective. Being very good at her job, she was recommended to be promoted to the Chief Investigator of the squad. Three years into her job, she daughter disappeared, the Russian Syndicate had heightened their activities in San Francisco and Colton Franks, the Syndicate’s right hand man, had been arrested, but let go because of a mistrial. Stacy believed that he was behind her daughter’s disappearance. Hatred and the obsession to kill Colton became her priorities - she changed - left with the inner struggle of church vs. Murder.

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