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by cydkik
Rated: E · Poetry · Thriller/Suspense · #2219813
Something that was inspired by my experience with tanks in the game Battlefield V

Even as I lay under the brush in the forest

Looking though the scope of my rifle

That is all I hear


Then I hear it

A low rumble

Where is it though

It gets louder

I can’t see it

It gets louder

I look to my left

It gets closer

I see it

It’s getting closer

It doesn’t see me but it’s coming towards me

It’s getting closer

Do I run, no it would see me

I can hear the groaning of it’s tracks

Do I stay, no it will crush me

I think I can smell the exhaust

What do I do

It stops . . .

It’s so close I could reach out and touch it

I think I can hear the crew talking inside

I haven’t moved a muscle

Then I hear the turret swivel in place

Did it see me

It keeps turning

No it didn’t

It’s still turning

I’m afraid to even blink

It stops


The engine starts again

It’s loud

It lumbers away

It’s getting quieter

I can’t hear the groaning anymore

It’s Getting quieter

The smell of exhaust is gone

It’s getting quieter

I’m still to afraid to move

I can’t hear anything


I think it’s gone


That is all I hear

Even if it had seen me

Even if the barrel locked on my body

That would be all I would hear

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