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by simi
Rated: E · Poetry · Educational · #2219814
I see her as Mother!
As part of Earth Day celebration!

Trees are shallow deep and dark
I see the serene green strongly held by a bark
Irresistible bond spreading roots deep down
My dear earth bearing it laughing like a clown

Beasts fight and kill
to earn their bread , blood they spill
ants , rabbits tiny to large
they burrow the land and barge

Humans most rational living
gems to salt everything we are mining
cutting, bruising and wounding you
Mother earth you still don't ask us to leave.

This time its waters deep and blue
where wonderful creatures live
Men out fishing for fun and food
marine life equation all disturbed.

Humans highly rational
still throwing garbage, sewage into waters uninspirational
There is world beneath the seas
where chaos God foresees

Burning fuel, cracker or widespread fire
letting the poisonous gas from factories acquire
you still bear us with love like a mother
even though you know if you wish we can't live either.

Time has come to live and let live
we have been only taking, time to give
take it from me no one who had hurt mother
has succeeded ever.
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