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A poem that talks about predestined meeting of two lovebirds.
Genesis 2: 23 – 24

Suppose you never come
Suppose you never visit that school
Suppose I never come that day
Suppose I never see you in the classroom.

Suppose I pretend I never see you
Suppose am waiting for your greenlight
Suppose am protecting my heart truly
Suppose am not singing love songs.

Suppose am afraid to love you fully
Suppose am always on one foot on the ground
Suppose am afraid of broken heart
Suppose I don’t open my heart to you.

Suppose am afraid to get lost in the sounds of love
Suppose am not hearing your name in my mind
Suppose we don’t become friends right then
Suppose you don’t decide to live with me.

Suppose you are only playing with my heart
Suppose you don’t intend to be my wife
Suppose you don’t intend to stay in my life
Suppose you are only passing time with me.

Suppose you are listening to my situation
Suppose you are afraid of whom am not
Suppose you don’t know my songs
Suppose you couldn’t dance with me.

Suppose there is no 23rd in April
Suppose there is no 25th in April
Suppose there is no 16th in September
Suppose we haven’t found each other?

(11th July 2013)
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