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Precious gifts are not always seen
She heard him calling like a beacon in the night
She spread her long wings and immediately took flight
The closer she got to him she felt the bond grow
It was a bond that had started a very long time ago

In another time and in another place
They had joined their lives and shared the same space
Their love was the envy of all who knew them
Until his life was taken in the battle of Culloden

For centuries they searched for the one they had loved
They had hoped to rekindle the blessed harmony thereof
Two souls were longing in the dark night alone
The vast chasm lying between them had only grown

When she finally reached him she couldn’t believe her eyes
Standing strong was her dear husband who had died
Now he embraced her with all the love in his heart
He vowed to her that they would never part

This time they had come from entirely different worlds
His confidence in what they shared began to unfurl
Uncertain and afraid he pushed her away
Not sure what he wanted he kept her at bay

She was forced to turn away from her dearly beloved
She knew in her heart another man she wouldn’t covet
Her husband was the only one she could ever love again
Now the chance of reuniting was rapidly going dim

She honored his wish and reluctantly left his side
Leaving him to wonder and nurture his pride
Alone in the hills she lay down in great pain
She could not return again from whence she came

In her mighty wings she wrapped herself tight
She tried in vain to shield herself from the cold night
Only a few feathers remained of her in the dawn
Nowhere to be seen, her spirit had gone

In the hills a sacred voice now calls to her lover
It’s an eagle’s cry that echoes among thistle and clover
He no longer hears her plaintive cries of love and loss
Around his neck he wears the heavy albatross

A reunion of loving souls will never come to be
When presented with the truth all he did was flee
He was blind to the precious gift from above
Not seeing that the angel was his long lost love
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