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by JJ Del
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Death · #2219836
Chapter Eight
There is a knock on our motel door and I answer it wondering who the hell it could be. Ashes stands there with Chuck. They have their suitcases with them. I ask if everything is alright and Chuck says Ashes has something to say to Tom and I. Tom stands beside me now and he glares at Ashes and I can feel his anger. Ashes apologizes for her behavior and for pressuring Tom into doing something that he was not ready for. Yet I can see it in Ashes’ hazel eyes that she does not mean any of this. Ashes is just doing this because Chuck, her father, is making her do this. After Ashes apologizes to Tom she looks at me with anger and tries to apologize to me. I cut her off mid sentence and I state I am not trying to be rude but I just do not want to hear it. Then Chuck says they are leaving tonight and he apologizes to me for Ashes’ behavior and I wish him all the luck in the world.

I close the door and lock it. I look up at my brother and wonder what he thinks of all that. Tom says he knows Ashes did not mean any of it and I confirm that I got the same feeling. Tom smiles and says it is good that she is going for now he can really focus on what we are here to do. We are trying to start a new life for ourselves and he got pulled into a scam. I say it was not quite a scam just a manipulative behavior by a sixteen year old girl with major issues. Tom shakes his head and I raise an eyebrow.

I ask, “What?”

Tom laughs and says, “You are constantly in the EMT frame of mind. But the funny thing is that you are right. I am just happy that I didn’t push the issue of following her to Dallas. That would have been a huge mistake.”

I reply, “Yes, it would have been.”

Tom says, “I’m sorry about the way I talked to you.”

I say, “Don’t even worry about it Tom. We’re brother and sister. We are gonna fight every once in a while plus we are very close too.”

Tom says, “I love the closeness between us.”

I reply, “So do I Tom. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

Tom says, “Well at least now I can focus on what I really need to focus on and not be caught up in all that hormone thing.”

I laugh, “I don’t think I want to talk about hormones right now. But I can tell you one thing.”

Tom asks, “What’s that?”

I say, “You will find the right girl Tom and the time to make love will be right. It will be the most beautiful thing in the world because it is the right time and place. It will be a true and honest relationship.”

Tom says, “You’re right Max. The whole thing with Ashes was just an impulse.”

I say, “At least you have a good head on your shoulders and we discussed it. You have excellent morals and values Tom, actually we both do, but you knew you weren’t ready for that next step and what you did was great.”

Tom says, “But you and I fought.”

I shrug, “So we had a little fight but in the end you talked to me and we worked out a decent plan. Together we can get through whatever life dishes out.”

Tom says, “I hope so.”

I gently punch Tom in a muscular shoulder, “You know we will. We just have to stick together.”

It is eight o’clock at night and Tom and I are climbing the walls we are so bored. So we decide to walk down to the boardwalk and poke around for a little while. We get ice cream and sit on the cement wall overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We love looking at the vast ocean and at the moment the water is calm and it sparkles. It is mid tide so we rinse our hands off in the salt water after eating our ice cream and we walk along the beach. We watch some couples walk hand in hand, some stand there looking out at the water, and others seem to just enjoy watching others. Tom and I love to people watch for we find people so fascinating.

It is time we go back to the motel. It is eleven o’clock at night and most of the shops have been closed for about an hour now. Tom and I walk back to the motel and we shower. Still we cannot sleep and we just lay in our beds facing each other. Tom brings up Victor and Gwen and I really do not want to talk about them. But Tom wonders what their relationship was like prior to us being born.

I say, “They must have had some sort of spark.”

Tom asks, “But what kept them together for so long?”

I reply, “I think it is codependency or something like that. They are completely dependent on each other. In whatever
bizarre way they make it work.”

Tom says, “They seem so unhappy with each other though. They always fought when we were there.”

I reply, “They would fight even when we were little too. It is a normal for them. Somehow it works for them. They are
also drug dependent and I think Gwen stays with Victor so she can get her drugs for free but don’t hold me to that opinion.”

Tom says, “It sounds logical.”

I say, “I know that they fought about us a lot too. Victor and Gwen should never of had kids. They are hideous and awful people and do not deserve children. But we are here and at an early age we learned that we had to take care of each other because they didn’t care to take responsibility for us.”

Tom asks, “Why did they have children then?”

I say, “I asked Victor that one day and he said we were accidents.”

Tom asks, “Why didn’t they abort us or put us up for adoption?”

I say, “I asked Victor that question too but he told me to shut the fuck up and he walked out of the room.”

Tom says, “That’s typical.”

I say, “I was lucky he didn’t knock me out for questioning him like that. But he didn’t and I remember thinking I saw a different side of him but I never did. Victor was the same old monstrous bastard he always was.”

Tom says, “At least he gave you some kind of answer.”

I shrug, “I guess but he is still a freaking bastard for doing what he did to us and I am so happy we finally escaped.”

Tom says, “I am too. These last two weeks have been so comforting. Not worrying if we are going to get the shit beaten out of us several times a day.”

I say, “It was a life or death situation Tom. We had to escape for our own survival.”

Tom asks, “Do you think that they think about us?”

I say, “I think they are bullshit we escaped. Victor is now alone with Gwen and I think he torments her and blames her for us leaving. We were his violent outlet.”

Tom asks, “What the hell do you mean by ‘violent outlet’?”

I say, “Victor beat us whenever he wanted because he thought he could get away with it. Whenever he had a bad moment we would be beat to bloody pulps. I hate the fucking bastard.”

Tom says, “Oh.”

I ask, “Don’t you hate him?”

Tom says, “More than you will ever know.”

I say, “They never cared about us Tom.”

Tom says, “We stopped caring about them a long time ago too.”

I say, “I know. We smartened up.”

Tom says, “Max?”

I say, “Enough about Victor and Gwen. Go to sleep.”
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