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In 2020, earth was Bombarded by Cosmic Radiation.
In 2020, the space between security and no security changed to the degree of 50 percent. There was nothing in between.
The discussion would be how much to increase the value of the dollar against global currency. Bitcoin is poised to take over global currency and replace the dollar. But other small scaled crypto-currencies cannot be ignored. The dictionary in this computer hasn't been updated properly for this email. New programs are being downloaded that inextricably connect people who test positive for having been effected by the cloud of cosmic dust that settled on the planet. These people will be filtered through an algorithm that separates those who test positive from those who do not. the to the new watchdog security that has altered its scope as to what it considers homeland security.
The wealthy and super wealthy -- there must be a better way to say this -- have taken more ground away from the middle and lower classes.
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