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by JJ Del
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Death · #2219923
Chapter Ten
The delivery men show up at nine o’clock in the morning, right on time, and as they bring in the furniture Tom and I move it to where we would like it. The living room is the toughest room and we change it around several times before we are satisfied. I assemble the kitchen table as Tom assembles the chairs. Then we are up to our own bedrooms. We organize and move furniture. We make our beds and once we are done we take hot showers for we worked up a sweat. Once I am done with my shower and getting dressed in my swim suit and sweat shorts I meet Tom down in the kitchen. We make sandwiches for lunch and we eat out on our patio.

I say, “I have been thinking …”

Tom asks, “About what?”

I state, “We need desks for our room and we need computers and stuff.”

Tom agrees, “That we do.”

I say, “We will need them for school. So we should buy them by the end of August.”

Tom asks, “When are we going to register for school?”

I state, “After lunch I will call the school and set up a day we can register. Okay?”

Tom says, “Sounds good. I have a question for you.”

I ask, “What’s up?”

Tom asks, “Can I use the car after lunch?”

I reply and ask, “Of course you can. Where are you going?”

Tom says, “I am going back to the plaza and I am gonna buy a new pair of sneakers so I can start running again.”

I perk up, “Really?”

Tom says, “Yes. I really miss it.”

I say, “I bet. If I don’t swim my laps I don’t feel right that whole day.”

Tom says, “I know the feeling.”

After lunch Tom leaves and I call Brant High School. I set up a date and time for us to register for school. After I hang up my cellular phone, which I leave on the kitchen table, I grab a pool towel and I head to the pool. It is two thirty in the afternoon and nobody is there at the pool, I have the area all to myself, and I dive into the refreshing water. About an hour later Tom is standing by the pool and I stop my laps. Tom says I have been swimming for an hour and I need to come in. Tom says to me that I cannot afford to lose any weight and I have to stop pushing myself so hard. I state I am just swimming for exercise, to maintain my weight, and I assure him I am not trying to lose weight.

I call the local cable company to schedule a time for them to come out and hook us up. I let Tom know that I called the school and I advise him of our appointment. Tom hears the word school and he gets all excited. Tom just adores school. He loves to learn. I am not crazy about school but I am a solid ‘B’ student. I hold my own when it comes to learning. I am not like Tom. School and studies do not come naturally to me. Tom is more book smart. I am more street smart due to being an EMT. But we are always there to help each other out with whatever we can.

One night in July, Tom and I are sitting out on our patio, and it is nine o’clock at night. Tom seems to be a little on the down side and I am trying to cheer him up but nothing seems to be working. So I turn to my brother and demand to know what is going on with him. Tom says he is happy to be here in Brant. He is starting to feel like he fits in and he is content. But, there is always a but with Tom, and he sort of misses South Boston. I say that will pass. I state I went through that phase too but what I do not miss is Victor and Gwen. I do not miss the abuse they put us through and I do not miss the fear and terror I felt each and every time I would hear their voices.

Tom says, “You know what amazes me?”

I ask, “What’s that?”

Tom says, “That we actually survived the torture that Victor and Gwen dished out.”

I say, “We are strong both mentally and physically. It doesn’t really surprise me.”

Tom asks, “Why not?”

I say, “Because not only are we strong, we had each other to rely on, and the closeness that we share is unbreakable.”

Tom says, “True.”

I say, “Now all we have is each other. We don’t have to worry about Victor or Gwen. We wake up and we are not
concerned if we are gonna get beat for some insane reason.”

Tom asks, “I often wonder why they did what they did to us. Do you understand it?”

I reply, “Because they are psychotic and evil people who should never have been allowed to have had children.”

Tom asks, “You truly believe that?”

I say, “Yes I do. That is the only way I can put all this behind me. Thinking how crazy they are and how horrid they are allows me to accept what they did.”

Tom says, “Maybe I should try that. I just cannot forgive them.”

I reply, “I haven’t forgiven them for what they did to us, I just have moved on, and I try not to think about either of them.”

Tom says, “I feel like I have to forgive them a little in order to move on and I just don’t know how to do that.”

I say gently, “Maybe you should see a therapist. That might help.”

Tom says, “I am not crazy.”

I say, “Not everyone that sees a therapist is crazy Tom. I have had to see a therapist a few times because of the shit I have had to deal with as an EMT.”

Tom asks, “Really?”

I say, “Yes. It was what the medical field calls a debriefer but they help you deal with whatever you need to deal with. It isn’t that bad.”

Tom asks, “So it worked for you?”

I reply sincerely, “Yes it did and it still does. Sometimes I need the debriefer because of nightmares I have of some cases I have been on. The debriefer helps me rework and accept the fact that I did the best that I possibly could for that victim. My work isn’t perfect and a lot of days are absolutely horrifying.”

Tom says, “I would never have guessed.”

I ask, “Would you at least give a therapist some thought or even go to one a few times. I promise that it will help you.”

Tom says, “I’ll give it a try but for now I am just gonna give the running a chance to work.”

I say, “You can do both.”

Tom nods his head but I know he will not give a therapist a call. From our conversation I have gathered that he does not believe in them and that is fine. Tom and I are just different types of people. Tom just holds things close to him and he does not confide in strangers. For me it helps to talk to a professional that I can trust. I do not think talking to a debriefer is a weakness but I suppose that Tom feels that way. But the weird thing is Tom has said I am one of the strongest people he has ever known.
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