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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Comedy · #2220029
A teenage girl finds herself unexpected attracted to another girl and tries to ask her out
Eighteen year old Cindy Watson was sitting in the library with best friend Anna when she spotted the most beautiful girl she had ever seen,a curvaceous glasses wearing brunette.

The young blond couldn't stop until she suddenly heard her best friend say, "Earth to Cindy," and realised that Anna and the girl were at her.

The stranger then said, "Hi,my name's Laura,I just moved here and I'm looking for friends," before accidentally dropped her book.

"Opps,silly me," said Laura as she bent over to pick up the book, her extremely curvaceous backside which was covered by a short dark blue skirt as the teenager could help but stare at it.

Her best friend then pinched her and said, "It's not polite to stare," as Cindy began blushing .

Laura grabbed her bag and the trio agreed to meet up the following day.

As the young blond and Anna were leaving with the library,Anna asked, "Cindy,do you a crush on Laura?"
Cindy replied rather unconvincing, "Don't be ridiculous,I'm not a lesbian."

Her best friend said, "Oh my god,you do have a crush on her,Cindy's got a crush Cindy's got a crush,Cindy and Laura sitting in a tree,Kissing," as she skipped around her.

Anna said, "I completely understand,she's extremely cute plus it's not like did anything embarrassing like stare at her as she walked or be hypnotized by her butt when she bent over to pick up her book."

Cindy said, "I've got some thinking to do,I'll see you tomorrow," as she and her best friend went their separate ways.

The young blond discussed her feelings with her mom Bernadette,explained that they were completely normal and that maybe she was actually bi-sexual instead of a lesbian,given the fact that she had a few previous boyfriends.

Cindy then decided to ask out Laura and put her best short red dress with white spots,black tights and a denim jacket over the top of it and even did her make-up and put on her most expensive perfume.

She soon meet Anna,who joked, "Wow,you absolutely stunning,I guess this just you trying to look nice instead of trying to impress our new friend."

The teenager rolled her eyes as Laura soon arrived,wearing a short dark blue dress with a black leather jacket over the top of it and said, "Hi,where are we going?"

Cindy said, "Let's go to the mall," as the three began walking with Anna walking slower than the other two,allowing them The chance to talk.

The young blond then apologised for staring as Laura replied, "It's absolutely fine,I'm used to it plus I actually looked at your butt as you were walking away yesterday so we're totally even ,it's really cute by the way."

Cindy was about to ask the young brunette out when Laura was suddenly distracted by the extremely large mall and all of It's many stores. "

The young brunette said, "Wow,this place is so big,it's double the size of the one where I used to live,I've never seen so many stores."

Anna joked, "You enjoy big things,don't you Cindy," as she walked off into a store while her now blushing best friend and Laura went into another store.

The teenager was looking at some clothes when she suddenly heard her new friend say from the changing room, "Cindy,Could you please come in and give me a hand," and quickly walked in and was absolutely shocked to discover Laura with a dress stuck over her head and her pink panties with tiny ponies on them showing.

She quickly regained her compose and said, "Don't worry Laura,I'll pull that dress of you," and then grabbed onto it and pulled and pulled with all her strength as it suddenly came off,sending her tumbling backwards onto the carpet and the young brunette wearing just her bra and panties.

Cindy then saw Anna and the store assistant staring at her and said, "This isn't what it looks like,the dress was stuck."

Laura quickly used her dark dress to cover herself as the store assistant said, "I believe you,I think that size is a bit too small for your friend but don't worry,we have a bigger size,I'll go and get it for her."

The trio soon left the store after Laura bought the dress in a bigger size and asked, "Cindy,be honest,do you have a crush on me?"

Cindy stumbled over her words then asked, "Would like to go out on a date with me sometime,I'll completely understand if you say no."

The young brunette said, "Thank god,I thought you would never ask,Anna told about your crush on me,I'll happily go on a date with you,how about tomorrow night?"

Cindy replied, "That's great," as the trio went to have something to eat with Anna feeling extremely happy for her best friend.

Cindy and Laura did go out on their date but that's a story for another time.

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