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by Paul
Rated: E · Short Story · Comedy · #2220068
Mom has the solution to the bickering on a trip.
“Momm ...”

“What, Julie?”

“Billie won’t stop looking at me!”

“Billie, stop teasing your sister, please.”

“I’m not doing ANYTHING mom, I jus—”

“YES YOU DID! You did that squinty eyed evil look at me again. Mom? Make him stop!”

“Billie, stop it! Julie, look out the window or something, not at your brother. If you two dont settle down I’ll stop this car and spank both of you right here in the middle of highway 101! Just stop it.”

“It’s all your fault!”

“No it’s NOT! You make faces at me that I don’t like. They scare me.”

“You’re a scardy-cat. You’re just a Girl!”

“Careful there young man, I’m just a girl too and I’m your mother.”

“But you’re mom, not a girl.”

“If I wasn’t a girl I couldn’t be your mom. That’s how it works.”

“MOM! He did it again!”


“Did too!”

“Okay, you two, remember that bag of candy I bought?”

“Ohhh, yeah, nows a good time.”

“He doesn’t deserve it, mom, he keeps making faces at me.”

“I said quiet down, now, see these two mini snickers?”

“Ohhh, yeah, even you get one, Julie, but I… what… YOU THREW THEM OUT… why, mom, that’s a waste!”

“Every time you two fight I’ll throw two more, we still have 65 miles to grandmas so there may be none left when we get there.”

“YOU CANT DO THAT! Sorry, please—”

“Yes, I can, I’m Mom, remember? I may be just a girl, but I have the candy and it will happen every time. How badly do you two want some?”

“Okay. So no more dirty looks, Billie.”

“Okay! But, after we get there— WAIT, why—”

“No threats either or they all go.”

“Sheeesh! Okay, mom.”

“Good, both of you behave.”

“Yes, mom.”

“Yes, mom.”
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