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Personal Ravings

Broken Dreams

It takes a lot to abandon a dream. Courage to feel initial and even life long regret. The level of strength is beyond words. To push aside the one true thing you have always wanted. And the now seemingly waste of time. And as you turn your back from you dream, you walk back to a reality and immediately feel your heart beating. Loud and yet sorrowful. But no matter what happens in life, we grow up. Some better than others. Some grow in the worst conditions and is shattered like glass. You may be you again some day. But you'll always have an empty space where your future should be. And as if that's not bad enough... time does not heal all wounds. You will carry this one for the rest of your life. And as your life goes by you will always feel that spot, even if it is just a minimal poke from a sewing needle. You might not be able to stop all of this, but the strongest people are the ones who learn to live to the fullest despite what opportunities that were taken from them. Celebrate your life and keep trying. You'll get where you truly need to be. But you have to go on that journey alone. Make sure you are prepared.

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