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Round two of Battle of the Pens
Words: 143

Entry Round Two:

The sign at the gate of the school spelled out, “School of the Scientific Minds of Westerfeld” or as the Harry Potter fans dubbed it, the Severus Snape and Minerva McGonagall school. A background of tall oak trees splintered the woods behind the sprawling brownish, brick building. Lush green hills dotted the property, blips of rising lands too small to be considered a mountain but tall enough to be rolled down on a stressful day.

At night, moonlight would cut across the long stretch of acreage and bathe its inhabitants in its glow. The animals that lived in the trues and hidden in holes in the ground, would crawl from their hideouts and chirp or hiss, happy to be away from the loud voices of children and shouting adults. It was a haven, for teens who needed friends and a way to keep balanced, and for the multitude of species that called the academic institute their home.

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