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The ending is a bit of a twist. Don't cheat.

         So many souls lost at sea. Swallowed by an ocean they never should have met. Screaming to no one. Pleading with the sky above for help. I feel that. Even though now they are on the path to becoming myth.

         Many glorified their deaths. Sadness remains in my heart. Powers above them have caused this tragedy. And yet they are the ones that suffer the faults of others. They cry out and even in death, searching for a peace they will never experience.

         I can see their faces. Horrifying. Frozen with eyes wide open. They will never see again. Never laugh, never cry, never feel. This is their undeserved fate. The greed of others made sure of that.

         Forever looking for a life that would never appear. They are dead. And yet they live. Their legacies reminding us that we may do all the right things in life, but when we put our souls in the hands of the greedy, will never survive.

         This world is full of evil. And if we allow ourselves to become slaves to it, history will some day, without a doubt, repeat itself.

         Rise for them. Give them the voices they no longer have. Remind the world of their tragedy. And never allow yourself to forget what happened in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in which Titanic met her end.

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