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by Ro el
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In the beauty of her heart ♥
It was dark but I got the feeling
it was cold and I know I was alive
then I had to open my eyes; behold a bright night 🌃 sky, the stars 🌟 like diamond 💎 in the sky and with the glory of the Sun ☀ the moon 🌙 shine 🔆 in it's beauty.
lifting my head off the ground I saw the wide sea before me. it had gentle wave 🌊 that collapsed as it made its way to the shoreline.
it was a beautiful sight

so I asked myself "what was I doing? where are my?¿ but what lays behind was never a mystery
the dark woods stare me in the eye 👀; I walked 🚶 slowly into it but with love 😍 the cold wind blew 🌬 my mind had no explanation of what was going on what was I doing before the sea
then I can feel my stomach hurts bad that I was hungry with no food nor water 💧 to drink.
I walked for miles and miles and no more could my legs bear my body
so I fell from my feet are unto the ground in the woods
I feared may be I was dead already so I closed my eyes; seconds followed minutes and hours; day passed by and came weeks months after months and in my pains years went and then I felt cold ❄ as dead in total silence and darkness
then I could feel the heat like that of a tender sun ☀ flow through me like streams of many waters

I could then hear the sound of bell🔔 like that of a grandfather's clock.🕒
wait a clock I thought 💭 to myself
as fast as I could I got up and there she was young miss porsha😍 sitting beside my bed such a beautiful stranger. she found me while she was hiking and guess what I was unconscious for just two day but what the heck was I doing by the sea.that I still can't remember but all I could really tell is she saved my life.
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