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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2220178
After losing Clara the Doctor is reunited with some old friends.
Note: Takes place after New Who Series 9 episode Face the Raven. However in this universe the Doctor hasn't been teleported away into the location for Heaven Sent. Also, I'm ignoring the whole Series 6B thing for reasons that you'll see later.

Disclaimer: Not my characters. Even though I've been a Doctor Who fan for many years, this is my very first Doctor Who fanfic. It's unbetaed, so any mistakes are mine and mine alone.

Chapter 1

The lights inside the TARDIS dimmed slowly to a soft purple color and a faint, cool breeze swept around the control room. It was her version of a sigh. The Doctor was moping. Oh, was he moping. It was no understatement that his down mood was beginning to rub off on her.

Oh, yes, he had every right to mope. He'd just lost Clara, his recent companion and dear friend. Even worse, once he knew she was to die, deep down he also knew there was no way to prevent her death. After he'd spewed every threat of revenge against Ashildr, Clara had also insisted that he not do anything to avenge her death. The Doctor actually felt helpless.

He'd tried to move on but nothing seemed to please him. He'd even taken out his guitar but the best he could do was a version of “Smoke on the Water” that was so slow and maudlin it sounded like a funeral dirge. He'd also spent most of his time reading depressing books and listening to music on his portable device which, although she couldn't hear it herself, absolutely had to be the most depressing dreck she'd think of.

Again, he had every right to mope. But this was too much.

Feeling the Doctor approach her main controls, she turned the lights up to a more cheerful color resembling sunlight. It didn't seem to have an effect as she caught his weary face when he slumped into the jump seat.

His gaze fell upon her and this time it seemed apologetic. “Sorry, Old Girl. I suppose I've been quite a downer lately. Hm?” Boy, was that an understatement. His voice sounded raw and tired. “I think some rest and relaxation is in order. Why don't we head for Natralia? That crisp mountain air may do me some good.....” He stopped mid-sentence and screwed his eyes shut, almost in pain. That was the planet on which he and Clara would spend some time recharging their batteries after a few harrowing encounters. “Damn!” He exclaimed, slapping his open palms on the console.

She wasn't expecting that and trembled in reaction.

“Sorry,” he said, gazing at her apologetically once again. He did not need to apologize, but she hated seeing him this way. She wanted to help. She needed to help.

He was all alone now. Well, that wasn't quite true; he had her. But his behavior demonstrated he was sorely in need of human companionship. He also gave her the impression he was feeling useless. He didn't say it outright, of course, but it was all over his face whenever he gazed at the view screens, looking completely lost.

He needed to be around people. He needed a purpose.

Recalling all the companions of his she'd gotten to know over the years, an idea suddenly struck. She started scanning different locations, looking for any familiar heat signatures. Any signs of life. She'd memorized them all over the years. Some of them had met with unfortunate fates, but there were still some out there.

Nope, nothing.

But then ..................

She zeroed in on one particular location, hoping that her hunch was correct.


She brightened for a moment and then felt a sense of pity at the sight that greeted her. Her focus returning to the Doctor, it was quickly replaced by a sense of determination.

He needed this. He really needed this.

The location secured, she switched back to him and noticed he'd managed to doze off, his head resting on her console. Trying to rouse him as gently as possible, she made the console vibrate. When that proved ineffective, she gave a quick jolt to the right.

“Ahh!” The Time Lord was nearly knocked off his feet. Catching his balance, he briefly glared at her. “I can't even remember the last time I slept. What's so important that you had to practically give me whiplash?”

She directed his attention to the view screen in front of him.

He shrugged. “Hm. Okay. It's not Natralia but that's probably for the best. Those moors look rather desolate.” He chuckled humorlessly. “Perfect for my mood. If this was your idea of cheering me up, I hate to tell you--”

He stopped as she shifted the view toward the east, showing a small group of men, several buildings of interest and finally a scan showing life signs she hoped he would recognize.

He certainly did. The Doctor's eyes narrowed as he stared intently at what she was showing him, as if he were trying to decipher some intricate riddle. It didn't seem to take long when his breath caught and his eyes widened.

“Could it really be?” he muttered.

The TARDIS gave him her version of a nod and she saw emotion briefly pass over the Doctor's face, quickly replaced by a look of new found determination. He pulled a few levers, setting her on a course for the destination in question.

“Time to go and be a Doctor.”
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