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by Paul
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David is worried about his companion, Feeza.
“Damnit, Feeza, where the hell are you? SHIT! Three days and you’re not back.

”Gotta get more wood for the stove. Crap, the cradle’s empty so it’s back out in the cold… shit. God, getting this coat on is a hassle and I’m cold anyway, but the thermometer says it’s 15 below so I need gloves and something with flaps to keep my ears attached.

”Next summer I build that damned attachment I’ve been talking about so the woods inside and I don’t have to go outside AND FREEZE MY ASS OFF! Other parts too.

”Right! GOD DAMN IT, FEEZA… aachhh… ech-ptooee… wow, spit does freeze before it hits the ground… maybe just as it hit? Whatever… you’re scaring me, Feeza! I wish you’d get back! Crap, ‘I’ll go get us something fresh,‘ you said, but you didn’t say anything about it taking 3 days.

”At least I got that overhang done, the front doors not packed shut with snow. CHRIST, it’s cold out here, get the wood and get back in, idiot… where’s Feeza… God, all I can see is unbroken snow clear across the valley… FEEZA! eechh… Shouting does no good, save your throat.. feels raw now… don’t just stand here getting snow blind, get back in fool.

“Thank the fates for wood burning stoves. Damn it! Where is she? If I lose her I don’t think I’ll want to keep going. Why is my life so taken up with a wolf? You rescued her after the hunters killed her mother and took her siblings, idiot… WHERE ARE YOU! Shit, that hurt, shouting is not a good idea.

“One more load and there’ll be enough for the night… god, next time wear more. I need her… need her?…holy shit! I do need her, it’s not just a want… I love you, Feeza… I do love her, we’re becoming an old married couple… wonder what she thinks.

“There, that’s enough for tonight, and tomorrow if it snows again. What now Feeza More wood… there, now that pot of snow, it’ll melt in minutes and boil, I need coffee… amazes me how good boiled coffee is… stuck up asses always said boiling it was bad… there, now one of this mornings biscuits and—”

“EERRRR… ARR— Open the door, David.”

“FEEZA! Oh god, thank the fates, get in here, it’s freezing out there. Leave it there, I’ll get it later.”

“ERR— took you long enough.”

“Took me two seconds, you’ve been gone 3 days.”

”You drag a deer through snow for two days, then we’ll talk about the 3 days.”

“I’ll hang it and thaw it so I can skin it. Make another nice, fur lined leather coat.”

“It’ll make better food for a month or two.”

“Venison steaks, my favorite.”

“EeRrRR, I hate the smell when you ruin meat that way.”

“I hate the smell of you eating raw deer guts.”

“EERRR —nag!”

“I’m glad you’re home.”

“Me too, what’s for dinner?”

“Mac and cheese.”

“Fresh deer!”

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