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Killing this site
This site is slowly dying out because it restricts a lot from free members and visitors
Why would anyone join when you have to pay these ridiculous fees?
An annoying message comes up during my interactive story session asking me to buy membership
Or wait a few minutes, well it doesn't go away when I wait a few minutes
I am reading things that are written by free members
I get it they need money to keep the site open, but take a donation or some shit
It's bullshit how much they charge for a membership that ain't even permanent
How about you pay your fucking members that wrote the things that make your site used
I believe they just wanna be read, but this site that advantage of that and charge money for something that ain't even theirs to charge for
The site wasn't like this before so what made the admin so greedy?
Like they are trying to make this site into a business, but instead that is what is killing it
Before it was open to everyone, if you need money ask for donations, patron or something else.
Don't force a membership you needy greedy bastards
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