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How to Survive Disaster
My neighbor, Rita, and I were sitting out on the patio and talking politics. We happen to agree on everything happening in the federal government today, April 25, 2020. I think it's important to be specific about the date because things are rapidly changing and not for the better.

It's bad form to criticize a sitting president. But in light of the Covid-19 pandemic and the way our President is managing life for Americans, it has become dangerous to allow things to become distorted.

A president of any country has the duty to protect the lives of its people. Our pres. is getting failing grades and Rita and I are wondering if the people who voted for him the first time will wake up, turn the page, and vote for life in the 2021 election year.

I was shocked at what unfolded in a re-election rally for 2021 and the words said to the audience by the sitting President. The words used were to the effect of: "I don't care if you're on your death bed, stay alive till November and make sure you vote for me." Said differently: "You and I both know that many will most likely die from this virus. Cast your vote for my re-election, and then die in agony and bewilderment wondering why I didn't do my job right the first time, during a global crisis, and allow me to continue destroying the fiber of the nation long after you're dead. After you're dead, you or what you think won't matter anyway, so let's continue the march to hell." Sadly, I do believe there will be those who will follow him in lock-step to the grave.

I also believe that what's left of Americans, after this virus burns out, will stand firmly against anyone in the Oval Office who shirks his or her duty to America and allows Anti-Americanism to destroy lives and break apart families and put Americans in mortal danger. What else am I to hope for?

God Bless America!

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