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by JJ Del
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Death · #2220255
Chapter Fourteen
I park my car in the school lot and Ben meets me at the front doors. Sarah sees Tom and gives him a big wave but gives me an evil look. I just shrug and I say to Tom to have a great day. Ben looks at me like what was that all about and as we walk to our lockers I explain that Sarah went into the pharmacy yesterday afternoon and Tom got her number. Ben rolls his eyes and looks me over.

Ben asks, “How do you feel about this?”

I reply, “I am worried that she is gonna use him and then throw him away.”

Ben says, “I would be worried too. Sarah, from the rumors we’ve heard, seems to use guys for sex and then once that happens she loses interest in them.”

I say, “Tom and I have never had a girlfriend or boyfriend before. I am a little more reserved but Tom wears his heart on his sleeve.”

Ben asks, “You’ve never had a boyfriend before?”

I say shyly, “No I haven’t.”

Ben says, “That shocks me.”

I say, “I was very much a loner at South Boston High School and at work everybody seemed to be so much older. I mean I had great friends at Boston EMS but at school that wasn’t the case.”

Ben asks, “What about Tom?”

I reply, “At school he was classified as a nerd or geek so nobody really wanted to be his friend. But at work he had friends like I did.”

Ben says, “You guys really had it rough.”

I say, “It was just the norm for us.”

Ben says, “Well you have me now and I am exceptionally loyal.”

I smile, “I can sense that.”

Ben says, “Back to this Sarah thing, did you talk to Tom?”

I reply, “I tried but there isn’t much I can do about it. I am not gonna stop him from talking to her or asking her out. That just wouldn’t be right.”

Ben asks, “Did you tell him about yesterday?”

I reply, “I did. I issued him the warning but I don’t think he believes it was that bad so he called Sarah last night.”

Ben asks, “Did he say anything about the conversation that they had?”

I reply, “No. I will wait until he brings it up. I don’t want to pry too much.”

Ben and I report to every class together and Sarah keeps giving me the evil eye. I ignore her which frustrates her
even more. I hear her spreading rumors about me. One is that I am the Boston slut. Another rumor is I stole Ben from her. I let her spread them for anyone who does take the chance on getting to know me will realize they are not true. When Sarah sways up to Ben and I at lunch I lose my appetite. Sarah glares at me as she leans on the table where Ben and I are sitting at. Sarah is wearing a violet ultra mini skirt and a pastel pink shirt and she is wearing high heels that I would not even try to walk in.

Sarah demands, “What is the connection between you and Tom?”

I laugh, “Does it really matter?”

Sarah says, “Back off. Tom is mine.”

Again I laugh, “Me and Tom? Please.”

Sarah says, “You aren’t attracted to him?”

I make a sick face, “Ah I don’t think so. That is really disgusting.”

Sarah demands again, “How the hell do you know him?”

I forcefully say, “It’s none of your damn business.”

Sarah is determined, “I want to know.”

I reply, “Fuck off Sarah.”

Sarah whirls around and sways back to her table and I hear her say that she thinks I am crushing on Tom too. Her friends are all like ‘oh my god’. They are all enticed by her drama. I look at Ben and we start laughing. I am crushing on Tom? That is so nasty. But Ben and I laugh for if Sarah only knew that Tom is my brother. Obviously that subject never came up in their conversation last night.

The bell rings and we are off to classes again. In study hall Sarah attempts again to figure out how I know Tom but I do not give up any information. That is Tom’s job. It is Tom’s decision when to tell her and when not to tell her. Sarah returns to her friends just as frustrated. Again Ben offers me a ride home for Tom is working again tonight. We meet Tom by my car and I hand him the car keys. I let him know that Ben is giving me another ride home today. Tom thanks Ben and then my brother is behind the wheel of the car and he starts the engine.

When Ben and I are at the condo, Ben is using the bathroom, so I collect the mail. I am sitting at the kitchen table, frozen, when Ben enters the kitchen. Ben demands to know what is wrong with me. I hand over an envelope addressed to Tom and I and it is in Victor’s handwriting. Ben tells me not to open it as he hands it back to me and he yanks out his cellular phone from his front blue jeans pocket. Ben presses a few buttons and he listens to the phone ring. Then whoever answers he says he needs John Shiloh, his father, here at my condo immediately. Ben ends the call and sits at the table across from me and says his father will be here shortly.

There is a knock at the door a half an hour later and Ben answers the door. He leads a tall man into the kitchen and says this is his father, John Shiloh. I greet him with a proper hello and call him Mr. Shiloh. John Shiloh says to please call him just John. I make a pot of coffee as John sits at the kitchen table with the envelope. John puts a pair of gloves and he opens the envelope. John opens the letter and reads it aloud.

“Dear Max and Tom: I hope this letter finds you well. I was fuming to find out that you and Tom left at first. But then I gradually realized the both of you leaving was the best thing that could have happened. Your dear mother, Gwen, is livid. She cannot let this one go so we hired a retired detective to track you down. Hiring this man was expensive but by the time he tracked you down I was calm about you leaving so I hid the information. Gwen found the information this morning in my top drawer. Gwen is angry that I hid this from her and she vows that she is coming out to find the both of you. Gwen wants the both of you dead as door nails. She has not said when she is leaving but I wanted to warn you and your brother. I mean you no harm by this letter. I would have called you but if you heard my voice you would have hung up immediately and I don’t blame you for that. I truly hope you are reading this letter. Please take all precautions. Victor.”

Ben is standing beside me now with his arm around my shoulders. John folds the letter up again and he places it back in the envelope. John wants to be able to take the letter back to the office and have the letter tested. I nod my head and then I snap out of the trance I was in. I think of Tom, he is at work, and I wonder if I should have him come home right away. John says no, I should not even call him. I should wait until he comes home and explain everything to him. I nod my head and I am going to take his advice. I do not want to scare my brother anymore than he has to be.

Ben asks, “Can I stay here tonight Dad?”

John replies, “If Max doesn’t mind then it is fine with me.”

I reply, “I would like that a lot actually.”

John says, “If your brother has any questions have him call me directly, okay?”

I reply, “I’ll let him know.”

John says, “Do you mind me asking you a few questions before I leave?”

I reply, “That’s fine.”

John asks, “What brought you and your brother out here to Brant?”

I look down at the floor as I say, “Tom and I ran away from Victor and Gwen, my demonic parents.”

John asks, “Demonic?”

I reply, “Yes.”

John asks, “What did they do?”

I say, “They physically abused us, mentally abused us, and emotionally abused us for the majority of our lives.”

John asks, “How did they physically abuse you?”

I say, “Victor did the physical abuse. He would beat Tom and I to bloody pulps every chance he could. Tom and I were seen at Mass General Hospital on many occasions for gashes and broken bones.”

John asks, “And Gwen, your mother, did the mental abuse?”

I reply, “Yes. She frequently walked around the house either partially dressed or naked. She often told Tom and I that she wished we were never born.”

John asks, “Did you ever call the police?”

I reply, “Of course we did but they had no proof except our bloody appearance. The Department of Child Welfare was involved too but Victor and Gwen either bought them off with drugs or money or both.”

John asks, “I can access these records?”

I say, “Yes. I will sign anything for you to get those records. I swear this really happened.”

John says, “I believe you Max. I am sorry that this has happened to you.”

I say, “Thank you. It wasn’t an easy life.”

John says, “It doesn’t sound like it.”

I ask, “What can we do about this?”

John says, “I am going to call the Boston Police Department, the Boston office of the DCW, and Mass General Hospital and get those records faxed over to me. Then we will go from there. Okay?”

I say, “That sounds good.”

John finishes his cup of coffee and he leaves with the letter after he jotted down his direct line in case we need him. Ben and I are alone in the kitchen now and I start cooking steaks and preparing potatoes to mash. Ben knows enough to let me be but he remains in the kitchen just to keep me company. There is not much that the police can do right now on our end. Like John says he is having some records faxed to him in order to help the police with our case.

When Tom gets home Ben and I sit him down at the kitchen table. We explain about the note from Victor and Tom is starting to freak out. I can see the panic in Tom’s brown eyes and I place a hand on Tom’s shoulder to help calm him down. Tom looks at me and states he knew that Victor and Gwen would find us. I do not argue with Tom for he did call it. I honestly did not think Victor or Gwen would search for us or spend the money to do so. I underestimated them. I do not know what to say to Tom except that I am sorry. I say that Ben is spending the night with us for this is a difficult time and Tom does not mind. Actually Tom is glad that Ben is staying the night.

I say, “I am so sorry Tom. I really didn’t think they would search for us.”

Tom says, “I know. Honestly I didn’t think they would either for what you were saying made sense. But the letter says that
Gwen is gonna come out here?”

Ben says, “That’s what Victor says.”

Tom says, “And she wants to kill us?”

Ben nods his head, “That is what Victor says in the letter.”

Tom asks, “Is Victor just talking out of his ass or is he serious.”

I reply, “I don’t know. You cannot tell through a letter or at least I can’t.”

Ben asks, “Does Victor normally talk out of his ass?”

Tom says, “He used to when we lived there. Victor normally just beat the shit out of us. It was Gwen who did the verbal

I add, “So we really don’t know what to believe.”

Ben says, “Well come hell or high water, my father will not let anything happen to you guys. Him and I will do whatever it
takes to protect the both of you.”

Tom says, “Thank you Ben.”

I say, “Ben, if you were to walk away from me now, I would understand. This is way too much drama.”

Ben says, “You aren’t gonna get rid of me that easily.”

I give a weak smile, “Thank you. That really makes me feel a whole hell of a lot better.”

Ben says, “You are my girlfriend and as your boyfriend it would be low of me to walk out on you like that. I have said it before. I am an extremely loyal person.”

I say, “I know you are.”

Tom asks, “Are there any precautions in place that I should be aware of?”

Ben comments, “None right at the moment.”

Tom says, “I talked to Sarah and she is bitching about you. I told her that she has nothing to worry about with us for we are brother and sister.”

I ask, “What did she say to that?”

Tom says, “Nothing. Sarah just changed the subject.”

Ben says, “Tom, I have heard the rumors and I am sure you have as well, just be careful.”

Tom says, “Why?”

Ben says, “Max has expressed her concern that you wear your heart on your sleeve. I don’t want to see you get hurt either. None of us really know Sarah well enough to know if the rumors are true or not.”

Tom says, “I hear where you guys are coming from and I respect that. But Sarah is not like that.”

I say, “I just don’t want it to turn out like the whole Ashes thing. Ashes proved to only want sex and you knew you were not ready for that at that time.”

Ben asks, “Who is this Ashes?”

Tom says, “She was this girl from Dallas and she was staying at the Brant Inn for a week and a half while Max and I were there. Ashes completely mislead me and if it weren’t for Max I may have followed her to Dallas only to end up heartbroken.”

Ben says, “No offense Max, but some women or girls are heartless, and they complain that guys are the ones to blame.”

I say, “No offense taken. Usually it is the guys that push for sex at this age for their hormones are going crazy and girls or women just want comfort and romance.”

Ben says, “That’s true too.”

I say, “Ashes was really determined and almost caused a huge blow out between Tom and I.”

Ben says, “I don’t understand people like that. Sex should only be a consensual thing. Both people should be in love and want to prove their love to one another.”

I like Ben’s answer, “I agree.”

Ben says, “So do I but with Ashes she wouldn’t take no for an answer and that was a huge problem.”
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