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Just a short pat on the back to a good kid who got way too few of those.
You were a good kid,
Tippy Toes;
never getting drunk,
smoking dope,
driving recklessly,
disrespecting your elders,
raising unholy hell
like a lot of your peers
were doing.

You were faced
at an early age
with horrendous responsibility
that NEVER
should have been dumped
onto your shoulders,
but you stepped up,
and for two decades
did your level best
to meet that obligation.

Never had a rudder
to steer with,
all too seldom
getting Life Lessons,
except from
TV and books'
so you had no idea
which way to go,
but you put your faith
in a heathen god,
and went your own way,
of the often dire
consequences. . . .
never ONCE
veering from that path.

You stared Death
in the face
one day,
took his worst shot,
survived it,
rebuilt your mind,
soldiered on,
never missing
a beat.

And when you
became a Man,
you stood tall
and proud
without ever
becoming conceited.

Still Different,
always walking alone,
but never faltering,
seldom looking back,
steering through The Darkness
many times. . .

Here's to you,
Tippy Toes;
you done GOOD!
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