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Flash Fiction 4/26/20 WC 275
Loose Screw

WC 276

George and John shuffled boxes in the mailroom. One caught their attention. John ripped it open and started to unload it.

“Hold on there. Is anything missing? We need to check.” George grabbed the packing list.

“I don’t know. I didn’t order this. What should be in there?” John looked down at the box on the table. He moved a few things around, glanced at labels. Nothing looked familiar.

George glanced at the packing list. “Hand sanitizer, gloves, masks, and WD40.”

“WD40? Are you sure?”

“Yep. WD40. Says so right here.” George pointed to the line item. “And did you know how WD40 got its name? Seems someone was trying to invent a product for the space industry to displace water and this was the fortieth attempt.”

John stared for a second at George. “Do you have a lapse in your synapse or something? WD40? What am I holding in my hand?” He held up a bottle of blue liquid in a spray bottle.

“That looks like a bottle of window cleaner.” George looked at John and smiled. “That applies a water and ammonia product. That doesn’t displace water.”

“No kidding.” Then John said “Who ordered all this?”

“Mary in the front office. Says so on the packing list. She is worried about the virus and all. I’m not sure why she needs the WD40. Maybe she has a screw loose in her desk or something.”

John squirted some of the window cleaner on George’s glasses. “There. Now maybe you can see what's missing and you can help find that loose screw. I think it’s in your head.”

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