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Rated: 13+ · Non-fiction · Action/Adventure · #2220312
hoping to get some feed back on this. Its about twins who went to another dimension
Once again the sun was hitting my face to wake me up. I moan, “I stayed up way to late playing dress up last night. OOOH no! I have to pee” I say to myself the joys of being in solitary confinement. I look around and see another door. I hope that goes to the bathroom. I hop up and rush in, I nearly peed my pants. This place was magnificent, with marble and gold furnishings. Roses, golden roses decorated the facets and light fixtures. There was a walk in tiled shower with multiple shower heads, and a Jacuzzi tub. I rush to the toilet and the seat was heated! Who would want to leave this place! I was becoming more anxious to take a shower, “Your next.” I say in the creepiest voice imaginable.

After the most amazing shower I have ever had, and dried off with the softest towel I ever had, and quickly dressed and threw my hair into a ponytail. When I came out of the shower I saw a fresh breakfast, of eggs, sausage, pancakes and blueberries on a cart next to my bed. My stomach growled. With the excitement yesterday, I realized I didn’t eat, I had that breakfast completed in 5 minutes and every bite was delicious, although, it wasn’t enough. I finished packing my backpack, I was completed with everything and ready about two hours early. That pretty good for a girl if I do say so myself.

I walk over and open the large French doors to the balcony. I walk out onto the marble balcony and look over the edge at the scenery. A sight I could never get enough of. I could see the wall going to the sky, I guess Moonstone was speaking the truth about this place. I could see the lake as it glistened in the sun, the water was calm as the waves pulled in and out from the shore. To the left I also had a clear view of the gardens. This must be the best room in the castle. I see someone working in the garden. “Is that Moonstone? I grab my backpack and rush out to meet him.

“Are you the gardener?” I asked playfully as I snuck up on him. He laughs “No, I’m not the gardener.” As he continues to tend the plants he says “I’m the royal trainer, I help your dad with sword fighting.”

“Why are you spending your time getting ready to tend to the gardens?”

“The garden is your favorite place, I like keeping it well tended for you to enjoy.”

“That is really thoughtful.”

“Well, I kind of like you, and it’s the only way I know how to show. You used to enjoy it before you crossed over. You’re a little different now I suppose.”

“It’s amazing, before we leave, would you mind showing me around the garden?”

He Flashed me a beautiful radiant smile before happily saying “I see your ready, I’ll be glad to.” I followed him as he showed me the rest of the rose area. Each rose bush is labeled, and the walk way has arches of leaves and flowers. The different smells married together so wonderful. As we walk to the fountain I see 4 different paths. “Each path leads to a different section, this is roses, there you have a Japanese inspired garden, it has a beautiful hand crafted bridge and floating stepping stone path. A multi-seasonal garden with different shaped topiaries and stunning statues hiding among the plants with the center piece being a star shaped fountain. Last is the sunken garden equipped with stunning natural waterfall.” As he said the names the arches over the entrance of each path resembled the theme of each one. “The sunken garden, please.”

“This way my princess.” As I follow him down the tan brick stone none of the stones match each other in shape. The trees along the side of the path create a natural covering over the path. I love the way the sun shines on the leaves, each one a different color with the amount of light that shines on it. Down at the bottom of the trees lays the softest grass I have ever seen. I see the stone path widen as we come to a large balcony area. To the right I notice a picnic set up “Where did that come from?” I asked. “I was hoping you would notice, I made it this is your second favorite spot.” I let out a soft giggle. Then look over the edge of the balcony. On the far side of the circular garden was a 20 foot water fall going down into a small clear pond. Trees cascading up the edges of the rock that enclosed the area. I see there are steps that lead down into the garden. “Wow” I said in amazement, I looked over at moonstone I noticed he was admiring the sights as well, “How did it sink like that?” he shrugged his shoulders.

“Hungry?” Eagerly I nodded, and we went over to the picnic area. There was many different berries and fruits I went straight for the strawberries. As I bit into it, the sweet juice was unlike any other strawberry I have ever tried. They were sweeter and burst with flavor. Moonstone handed me a napkin because juice was everywhere, I feel the heat on my face with embarrassment. “Your beautiful, even when enjoying strawberries.” As I glance down to hide my smile I notice the freshly baked bread, carved meat, sliced cheese, olives, lettuce. “We are going to build our own sandwiches?”

“Yes, I don’t like tomatoes or olives, and you don’t like mustard or onions. Fresh is always best, and it will last longer when we travel.” This man really knows the things I like, how does he pay attention to small things like that? Most guys just like to fish where I’m from and can tell me all about each fish and how special they are. “I barely know anything about you?” I say. “Ask me anything, people don’t regain their memories once they cross over.”

“So, our bodies are like avatars? Like a video game or something?” I ask

“Yeah, you can tell when someone crosses realms they have a light to their eyes. Almost as if they found their soul.” He guessed. I called her a spirit. I decided to rattle off questions quickly and eagerly, and he answered without hesitation.

“How old are you?”

“I’m 22.”

“What’s your favorite color?”


“Do you have any siblings?”

“No I am the only child.”

“Are your parents here?”

“No, only people in possession of stones can cross over. Everyone else is born here, and this is all they know, and will ever know.”

“How many stones are there?”

“Three that I know of. Yours, mine, and Onyx’s. I also think they have possess special abilities.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well,” he paused. The look on his face seemed like he was nervous to tell me. “When I wear my stone I feel this energy pulsing through me.” Great, he’s crazy. “Put yours on” he nudged. I grabbed my bracelet from my backpack and I put it on. He was right. I did feel an energy in me, but not just an energy. The sounds of the waterfall became more noticeable, I could hear the water hitting the edges of the ponds, and I could hear faintly what sounds like someone drinking water. “I hear and can sense all the water around me.” I said.

“Stand up, maybe try calling it to you?” he suggested.

I glared at him, “you’re kidding.”

“Nope.” He nodded his head towards the balcony.

I stood up next to the balcony. I look at the water in the pond and I hear moonstone say “clear your mind, focus on the water, how it pulls and pushes.” I was already doing that, it’s kind of hard to ignore, but it is soothing in way. I closed my eyes and imagined a small amount of water streaming into my hand. I opened my eyes just in time to see a large water stream right in front of my face, and fell to the ground.

“That was awesome” Moonstone was excited “how did you do that?”

“I’m unsure, I was thinking about a small stream.”

“Maybe next time think of droplets”

“Now I’m even more excited to get to the enchanted cave, maybe it will say something about this.”

Moonstone began picking everything up, “yeah, and we should really get going to meet up with Onyx.”

“Moonstone?” He stops to look at me, “Do we love each other?” He became very nervous, “We have never said it to each other, but I do care for you, I don’t know how you feel this is the deepest conversation we have ever had.” I smile. I know that he is being honest about that based on my journals. I ask “Do you need help cleaning up?”

“No, I’m almost done.” I saw him move with incredible speed, he picked everything up in 5 seconds flat.

“How do you move that fast?”

“I told you, I feel energy just pulsing through me.”

“Is that how you can be a gardener, cook, and combat trainer all in one?”

“Maybe…” he said with a smile. We began to walk out of the garden

“This place is absolutely amazing, you have a wonderful talent. Please, if you want, you can call me ‘Phire.”

“There you two are!” Onyx was irritated “You are 30 minutes late, ‘Phire are you ok? You are never late.” Onyx glared at Moonstone sizing him up.

“Yes, I’m fine. This garden is huge there a Japanese area and this beautiful waterfall, and the roses are stunning, you should….” Onyx cut me off,

“I guess it is like you to get lost in nature. Can we just get this over with before your father notices we left.”

I laugh, “He’s your father too Onyx.” We begin to walk in the direction of the forest. With Moonstone leading the way.

“Not in this reality I live to the side of the palace to please your wishes. I’m this world’s best well-kept secret.”

“Seriously?” I say astonished. I don’t think I knew that before, I am sure I would have wrote about something like that.

“Yeah,” Moonstone agreed. “I know about Onyx because I was sworn to secrecy. The people of the land believe that he passed away with his mother during child birth.”

“Yeah, life sucks here. Last year I stuck in a dungeon apparently he told you I went to scope out the other kingdom. Nothing like spending a birthday tortured in a dungeon.” Onyx said angrily. I briefly wrote about that in the journal I found. I wonder what other secrets my father is keeping.

“You remember your past life here?” Moonstone asked with amazement.

“Yeah, don’t you?” Onyx replied. I noticed he was becoming more agitated with something.

Moonstone and I both said “No.”

“Oh, consider yourself lucky this place isn’t the best. Your father is nothing like the man we were raised with. In fact, I don’t even believe we grew up with our father.” his tone almost was bitter.

softly I speak to my brother“Onyx, that’s a lot to take in, you’re saying we’re orphans?”

“No, I think our mom saved us, and had someone care for us until our 18th birthday.”

My head was buzzing, “How do you know this.”

“I actually have letters from her, she’s alive, and she writes me all the time. I have many letters with dates stamped as early as a month ago.

“Do I have any? Where is she?” I ask anxiously

“I don’t know, she believes your letters are taken before you get them. You are kind of the beloved daughter of an evil king.” Onyx stated dryly. I have a feeling that Onyx might be right about this.

“It’s, true.” Moonstone said.

I pushed moonstone away from me angry at him I yelled. “If he so evil why are you teaching him to fight? Why are you helping him? Allowing him to treat others that way!”

“What?” Onyx was became balled up his fists.

“I can’t change it on my own, I had to wait for the one destined to destroy him.” Moonstone admitted.

“Who is that?” Onyx and I both asked together.

“I don’t know, the ancients say the one destined to destroy him is able to see into both the past and future. Once the truth is revealed it will also be reviled how he will fall to his fate.”

“Onyx is that you?” I asked

“I don’t think so.” He said with almost a laugh

“But you remember your past.” I said.

“Yeah, my past, I can’t see the past of others and I definitely can’t see the future.”

Just then a spiral of fire sped around us like a hurricane.

We look for a way out be see none, “what can we do?” I ask nervously, I feel the heat begin to weaken me

“Sapphire, use your gift.” Moonstone suggested.

Right, I could still feel the water from around me. I closed my eyes. Thinking of a small stream I hope it would be enough to cancel out the fire.

“You need more than that” I heard a sinister cackle form a girl.

I keep calm and think of a hurricane of water, I imagine the way water moves in a circular motion, how each droplet dances together to form a magnificent force of nature. As I open my eyes I see the water has replaced the fire, and the girl was stuck in the water. I release the water. I look at both Onyx, who looks scared, and Moonstone, who looks proud.

The girl coughs. “Looks like you crossed over” Even though she was soaked, she was beautiful. Her hair was fiery red and orange and wavy locks flow to the middle of her back pulled back with braids. Her eyes were brown and looked as if fire swirled in her eyes. I saw she had a Ruby on a black leather bracelet. The exact opposite of Onyx’s bracelet.

“There’s a fourth stone.” I say. “Come with us, we are going to the enchanted cave.”

“Why would I go with you?” she hissed

“We could learn about this together.” I say. “Come.” Onyx said sternly to her. Where did his authority come from? I watch as they stare at each other. I see the fire in her eyes calming and his irritable feeling was residing as well. Maybe they need each other the way I need Moonstone. I don’t feel as vulnerable and scared whenever he is around.

“Fine, my name is Scarlet” she said hesitantly but keeping eye contact with Onyx.

As we begin to continue our journey Onyx asks her “How did you do that, you know, fire thing?”

“Our stones have special powers. I crossed over about 2 years ago, and last year I was in a large warehouse fire. I was trapped with nowhere to go. I felt the fire all around me, but I didn’t feel hot. I reached out to touch it, and it didn’t burn me. As my emotions calmed by realizing I was safe, the fire began to get smaller as well. I knew it was the stone because I could just feel the energy in me, the moment I put it on. I just didn’t know what it was used for.”

Onyx looked down at his stone “I don’t know what mine is.” She touched his arm, to comfort him.

“You will know, it’s what you hear, and feel the most when you’re calm.” she stated softly

“So, you have fire, my sister has water, maybe I have air or earth.” Onyx said.

Moonstone interjected “I have control of self-energy. I am able to magnify it to go at super-fast speeds. The abilities are not limited to mother nature elements.”

“You know you come off as a smart-ass, it’s not a good trait.” Onyx retorted

“Perfect for Princess Sapphire” Scarlet quickly mocked.

“What does that mean” I whipped around to square her up. We are both the same height and I hold her eye contact.

“Ignorance is bliss isn’t it princess.” She scoffed.

I was really beginning to hate the way she called me princess. The more I thought about it I could feel anger filling up inside of me. I did not like this girl and I did not like the way she was looking at my brother. “’Phire calm down” I heard Onyx say.

Irritated Scarlet asked “why are you with her anyways she’s self-centered pampered brat?”

“What?!” I scream. I begin to act by instinct. I form in my hands two water whips. I am thinking of it like an extension of my arm. And it flows any way I think. I smack Scarlet across her face. I saw the fire in her eyes instantly. It matched the was I was feeling.

“Oh bring it on princess” Scarlet laughs and she creates two fire whips in her hands. As she goes to fling her fire whip at me I block it with my water whip cancelling each other out. I was able to land a hit on her back. She became frustrated she let out a loud scream her hair turned to fire, "You just got here! I have been practicing for a year!" In both her hands she created an orb of fire and threw it in my direction. To brace myself I threw up a massive water shield in front of me. Before the ball of fire hit my shield it vanished into a black hole. We both looked around like wild animals.

“Stop!” Onyx yelled at both of us. “We need to find the cave and be back before dark. Oh, and I felt the energy around your fighting… I can manipulate the energy outside of my body. We are all opposites. We need to figure out how to get along.”

“Fine” I said reluctantly

“I guess” Scarlet said looking at the ground.

“Oh, and Scarlet” Onyx added, “She is my sister, there is a lot you don’t know either.”

“Everyone thought you died with the queen?” she said

“I know, but I didn’t.” He said solemnly.

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