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by toni
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Hope For Recovery
Pressing my nose against the frosty windowpane,
I saw a bird sitting so still, as if carved from the frozen snow
and blasted in from the cold artic chill.
Beautiful bird of the snow, where did you come from
and where will you go?
I longed so hopelessly to reach out,
and warm it in the palms of my hands.
But, instead all I could do was to stare
and long to free this magnificent creature
from its state of seemingly hopeless woe.
My heart quietly shouted a silent prayer
for this tenuous creature of the air
to just soar away and be free, from
its seemingly agony of captivity.
Mesmerized by its exquisite grace,
I continued to stand there and stare at
its captivating beauty and dignity beyond compare.
As I continued to spy from behind the curtain's lace,
I saw it's wings spread and it began to take flight.
As, it slowly vanished from my sight, my lips parted in awe.
I whispered softly as it loudly cawed, while you soar above
the world so high, sing a sweet melody, that will lift hearts
and fill the world with a bright and triumphant tomorrow
for peace, love and happiness.

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