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by JJ Del
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Death · #2220353
Chapter Fifteen
Friday is finally here. I am getting dinner ready for Ben and I. Tom is taking Sarah out to dinner somewhere along the boardwalk. Then after dinner Ben and I are going to the fair. Tom says that Sarah has no interest in going to the fair, the rides make her sick to her stomach, and she does not play any of the games. I know Tom is heartbroken over this for he loves going to the fair. I promise my brother that he and I will go to the fair tomorrow, just him and I, and we will go on all the rides and play games. Tom looks excited and he says his good night for he is expecting to be home late.

About a half an hour after Tom has left, Ben knocks on the door, and I give Ben a hug before he even enters the house. I lead Ben into the kitchen and make a few last minute adjustments on our colossal shrimps, stir fried, on a bed of lettuce. Ben and I take our dinner out to the patio and eat slowly for the fair does not open until seven o’clock tonight and it is only six o’clock now. Ben comments on the salad that it is delicious and he smiles.

I say, “You are such a freaking flirt.”

Ben says, “I know. So what time is Tom coming home tonight?”

I reply, “He said his good night so I think he is gonna be late. I will wait up for him though.”

Ben says, “I can’t believe that Sarah doesn’t like fairs. Everybody is gonna be there tonight.”

I say, “I know but I guess she gets sick from the rides and she doesn’t like the games. I think it is a shame for Tom loves fairs.”

Ben says, “They are here all week so he can go.”

I reply, “I promised him I would go with him tomorrow.”

Ben says, “That’s sweet.”

It is seven forty-five and Ben and I climb into his car. We drive to the fair and Ben parks in a spot in a dirt field. We buy wrist bands so we can go on the rides as many times as we want and we go wild. After two hours of rides we are tipsy from all the rides so we each get a bottle of water and we walk around people watching. People watching is a favorite thing for me to do. People can be so funny when they think nobody is watching them. Ben plays a few games and he wins me a photo of a white wolf. I love wolves and think they are the most beautiful creatures.

It is eleven thirty at night when Ben and I finally leave the fair. The fair will close at midnight and we would have stayed but we are exhausted. Ben drives me back to the condo and I ask if he wants to come in for a while but he declines. Ben says he has to work early in the morning so he should get some sleep. I thank Ben for a fun evening and we kiss good night. Ben watches me enter my condo and then he drives home. Tom still has not come home as of yet so I make a cup of tea and sit in the living room watching some random old show that is in black and white.

One o’clock in the morning and I am dozing on the couch when Tom enters the condo. Tom finds me on the couch and wonders why I am waiting up for him. I reply that I wanted to see how his date went. Tom smiles and says that they went to dinner at this steak house called Delmonico’s, they walked along the beach for a while, and then they went and saw a movie. I say it sounds like they had a lot of fun and Tom says it was romantic. Tom says Sarah is a sweetheart and is nothing like the rumors say she is. All I can say is that is great and that I am happy that he had a great night.
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