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by JJ Del
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Death · #2220449
Chapter Sixteen
It is five o’clock in the early evening when the door bell rings. Tom is in the shower for we just got home from the fair where we had an absolute blast. I answer the door to find Sarah Knight standing there. She is stunned to see me and demands to know if Tom Mason lives here. I state he does and then she demands to know what I am doing here with her boyfriend. I sigh and roll my gray eyes. This girl is totally obnoxious.

I say, “Tom has told you I am his sister. Of course we live together. What are you doing here?”

Sarah says, “It doesn’t matter why I am here. Is Tom home?”

I say, “He’s in the shower.”

Sarah asks, “Can I come in and wait for him?”

I say, “That would be good. We need to talk.”

I close the door after Sarah enters the condo. I lead Sarah into the kitchen and have her sit at the kitchen table. I run upstairs and I let Tom know that Sarah is here and when he is finished to come down stairs. I go back to the kitchen and I offer Sarah a soda which she accepts. I sit down at the table and pop my soda open and I dread this conversation for I do not trust this girl.

I say, “Look Sarah, I love my brother dearly. We are the only family we have …”

Sarah says, “I know, Tom told me about your situation.”

I am shocked that Tom would talk about it, “He did?”

Sarah says, “Yes and I think it is brave of the two of you to strike out on your own.”

I say, “I have to say this Sarah.”

Sarah asks, “What?”

I reply, “I do not want my brother hurt. Tom wears his heart on his sleeve. I don’t care if the rumors are true or not. I am just extremely protective of my brother.”

Sarah says, “I am sure you are. I swear I don’t want to hurt him. I really like him a lot. Tom is like no other guy I have been with.”

I say, “Just be careful is all I am saying and if you break his heart or pressure him into something he isn’t comfortable with
then you will have to deal with me.”

Sarah says, “I will try not to break his heart. I really want to see where this relationship goes. I am hoping we will be high school sweethearts.”

I say, “Thank you and I hope you understand why I had to say this. I just don’t want to see my brother hurt.”

Sarah says, “Tom would do the same for you. I can sense that. I am sorry I have been so jealous of you.”

I say, “What’s past is in the past. It is what it is. Don’t worry about it.”

Tom comes down the stairs and enters the kitchen. When Tom sees Sarah he smiles and wonders what she is doing here. Sarah says she wanted to surprise him and see if he was up to doing something tonight. Tom says that would be great and he grabs a sweatshirt for it is a little chilly out today. As Tom and Sarah leave Ben is walking up the path to the condo. When Ben is inside the condo, I have collected the mail, and I lock the front door. Ben wonders where Tom and Sarah are off to. I shrug my shoulders and say they are probably going out to dinner or something.

Ben states that his father got all the fax reports from Mass General Hospital, the Boston Police Department, and the Boston office of the Department of Child Welfare. I reply that is great and I am flipping through the mail which is all bills and junk mail. I ask Ben if he would like to stay for dinner, I am planning to order Chinese food, and Ben states that sounds wonderful. I smile and make the order. As Ben and I wait for dinner to arrive we sip soda out on the patio.

After dinner Ben and I walk along the condo’s beach, we hold hands, and we talk about our futures. Ben wants to be a detective like his father and I can already see that he will make a wonderful detective for he really cares about people and their situations. I want to be a paramedic in the worst possible way and I know I will be excellent at it for I am an awesome EMT.

When Ben and I get back to the condo we are cuddling on the couch when Tom comes home. Tom smiles and asks if Ben is going to stay the night. I look at Ben and ask if he would like to and Ben says that would be great. Ben calls John to let him know he will not be home and John agrees that spending the night would be a nice thing for him to do. Ben smiles and says that his father says hello and that staying the night is fine with him. Tom goes upstairs to his bedroom and I ask Ben if he would cuddle with me in my room.

I shower and I come out of the bathroom in a black night gown. Ben whistles as I crawl into bed next to him. Ben turns and kisses me which leaves me wanting more. I do not admit this to Ben but I want to make love to him in the worst way. I trust Ben and I can feel that we are going to be together for a long time. But the question is am I ready for making love? I am still a virgin after all. In the making love subject I want Ben to make the first move, I want to feel him in the ultimate closeness, and I know cuddling with him is wonderful. I lay my head on Ben’s chest and I run my fingers through his chest hair.

Ben says, “Max?”

I ask, “What’s up honey?”

Ben says, “I want to make love to you. But I don’t know if you are ready for something like that.”

I reply, “I was just thinking about that subject. I am gonna take a little risk here and tell you that I love you very much.”

Ben sweetly says, “I love you too honey.”

I say, “As far as making love, I want to feel that closeness with you, and I feel you are my soul mate.”

Ben says, “I feel like you are my soul mate too. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

I say, “You can always melt my heart.”

Ben kisses me again and this time he caresses me. I rub Ben’s back and he presses his body against mine. Ben wonders if I am ready for this and I say that I am. I remove Ben’s t-shirt and boxer shorts and he is naked before me. I am in awe at his muscular body. Ben removes my nightgown and underwear and I am naked before him. I am a little shy about this but Ben says I am beautiful and that I am the woman of his dreams.

Ben is on top of me and when he inserts himself into me it hurts a little bit but there is a lot of pressure. As Ben pushes the pressure disappears and the slight pain is quickly replaced by pleasure. We kiss and Ben holds me and the more Ben pushes the more my body craves him. Soon we are covered in sweat and the both of us cry out at the same time. Ben does not pull out of me right away. He does confess me that his love for me runs deep and that he does not want to be with anybody else. I confess that I feel the same way. I say that my heart belongs to him and him alone.

Ben says, “You own my entire being Max.”

I reply, “That trust is not misplaced Ben.”

Ben says, “I know.”

I say with love, “You and Tom are my life Ben. I can’t imagine life without you there.”

Ben says, “I feel the same way.”
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