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My personal viewpoint of the human race part 1
So we as a species have been around for quite a while now, we've come a long way in terms of survival. Sadly, that progress seems to have slowed down in recent times.
People have become selfish, they have created their own little bubble and anything outside of that is not important. They have their own ideas of perfection and what suits them, if they encounter something that doesn't meet their expectations or ideals then they reject it immediately or they ridicule it, getting others onboard to join them in their crusade.
Whether its music, fashion, food, a location or even a person, they will hunt it down and apply copious amounts of slander, hatred and ridicule until that 'item' is nothing more than a withered, deflated opposite of its former self, complete with a large collection of 'dislikes' and 'hates' and derogatory emojis.

The world has become a hateful place to be, especially if you are a millennial. It seems that you have to fit a certain criteria to be a part of the 'in' crowd. The trendy types. Unfortunately, anyone older than that is seen as useless, past it, not worth bothering with. 'What do those oldies know anyway? They never went out in the evening, they didn't go to parties or stay out until 4am. We're the only generation who has ever done that'. Blinkered fools.

That brings me on to my point about selfishness, because they are so self-absorbed they don't bother to acknowledge the viewpoint of others, especially if it doesn't fit with their own way of thinking.

I've been thinking about the current situation we are in with the Coronavirus. I think its actually making people more aware of things outside their bubble. Their way of life has had to change. No-more can they grab a skinny mocha choca foca loca espresso latte with triple shot of tap water to go. No-more can they go and buy the latest 'trendy' fashion and post a dozen selfies straight from the changing room.
I digress. The point is, people are waking up, they're looking away from their phones and seeing their surroundings. They are seeing the sky, the trees, other people. They can hear nature. Awareness is the new buzzword.
For the first time in ages, we as a species are beginning to think differently and take stock of our lives. Could this be the start of a new mindset? Will we be taking things for granted as much as we used to? Perhaps this virus will change the way we see things, the way we do things and the way we treat others. Could this be the kickstart that the human race needs to reinvent itself as an intelligent species?
For too long now we have been hurtling towards self destruction. Now is the time to slow things down and make some changes, be less selfish, be more aware, be nicer. Treat others with respect, treat ourselves with respect, treat our surroundings with respect, be less materialistic. Concentrate on ourselves rather than how many likes and followers we can get on social media, stop worrying about what others think. The futures bright if we are prepared to look at the light.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2220466-Despairing-at-humanity