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by Paul
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Kibble seems to be important.
This was a quickie 50-word story prompt from Lillie, using these words:
cat, war, Monday, kibbles

Have you ever tried to train a cat? I had a Siamese when I got married in 1972 that I’d taught to fetch. She loved chicken leg bones and she insisted on eating them on my bed. I started pitching it down the hall and she’d run get it. It evolved to one toy she’d fetch and that went on until she couldn’t jump up on the bed any more. I’d sit on the floor and only toss it a couple feet. She was 16 and didn’t get around well, but she loved it. I miss her.

“I hate this war, it’ll never stop… whats that?”
“Kibble, for the cat.”
“What cat?”
“They have a cat trained to carry messages, a Carrier Cat, as it were. It’s Monday so it’ll be here in minutes.”
“whats it carry?”
“Battle plans, that’s why we’re winning.”
“Here, kitty, kitty.”

Another story popped into my head. I had a seal point Siamese named Bastet and she ran the roost. That was 55 years ago, I loved her, I miss her. My latest is a beautiful seal point named Lilly and she just likes being held and touched.

”What’s that?”
”The war zone.”
“My Siamese cat, Bastet, wants only one kind of kibble, I think it’s too expensive.”
“It looks like you lost the battle.”
“It’s Monday, the day for the off brand, she eats it then barfs up on my bed. I capitulated earlier.”
“Good choice.”
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