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by JJ Del
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Death · #2220560
Chapter Twenty
Halloween is here. Sarah was good to her word, she made a cake for Ben, and it was delicious. Tom and Sarah leave for the dance and they are going to a party after. Tom says that he will be home around two in the morning and Ben and I are not crazy about this for we know Gwen is here somewhere. We have not seen or heard from her as of yet but we know she is here. Yet there is nothing we can do about it and Ben goes over some safety precautions for avoiding her.
Ben and I are watching ultimate horror movies in the spirit of Halloween and we are handing out candy to the kids. Finally eight o’clock rolls around and we are out of candy so we turn off the outside light. Ben turns the news on and I go up to our room and change into my bathing suit. I let Ben know I am going swimming and I would like to go alone. Ben sighs and says it is fine. I know he is not crazy about the idea but I want him just to relax.
I dive into the refreshing water and I stretch out my body as I swim laps. After about forty-five minutes I sense somebody standing there and I figure it is Ben coming to collect me. When I stand up I find Gwen standing there. Her black hair looking oilier than ever and her brown eyes are blood shot. I climb out of the pool and stand in front of her and I am unafraid. I study her and it does not appear that she has any type of weapon.
I demand, “What the hell do you want?”
Gwen says, “Is that how you greet your mother?”
I demand again, “What the hell do you want?”
Gwen says, “For you and Tom to be dead.”
I state, “That ain’t gonna happen.”
Gwen says, “This is a warning.”
I hear quick footsteps behind me and Gwen turns around and flees. Ben is now beside me and he glares at me. Ben demands to know if that was Gwen or not. I confirm it was Gwen and Ben is not happy.
Ben demands to know, “What did she want?”
I reply with anger, “To warn me.”
Ben asks and he is just as angry, “Warn you of what?”
I say, “That she wants Tom and I dead.”
Ben says, “Jesus Christ. Come on. Let’s go into the condo. You have to call Tom. Tom and Sarah cannot go to that party tonight.”
I say, “He will be heartbroken.”
Ben says, “We can’t jeopardize it.”
I say, “Fucking bitch.”
I follow Ben into the condo. As I am calling Tom, Ben calls John. John says that he will be right over but I cannot get a hold of Tom just yet. John arrives at the condo just as I get Tom on the phone. Tom wonders what is happening and I explain we just got a visit from Gwen. Tom wonders how this happened and I say I was at the pool when she just appeared. Tom wants to know where Ben was and I say he was in the condo and I was swimming alone. Tom is not happy and says he and Sarah are on their way back to the condo and I say he should stay for the dance. Tom asks if that is alright and I say of course it is.
John is not happy that I went swimming alone and I say Ben wanted to come with me but I told him no. John says at least we now know that Gwen is here. I ask what we should do now. John says that is where Tom and I come in. I am confused but John says we will lure her out of hiding and that is when they will catch her. I am all for this but I want Tom left out of this. I could hear the fear in Tom’s voice when I had him on the phone. Tom was furious but he was also fearful. I know my brother well enough to know these things.
John finishes his second cup of coffee and says he has to go back to the station and write up a report. I ask if the Boston Police Department has arrested Victor as of yet. John says Victor will not answer the door and they, the police, have not seen him on the streets in the last week. Is Victor laying low because he knows that the police are looking for him? I do not know what is up with Victor but I do know he can be dangerous. John promises to update me as soon as they find him and then John leaves the condo and Ben and I are alone again.
Ben asks, “Are you alright?”
I reply, “I am physically fine but I am beyond angry. Why did she choose that moment to show herself?”
Ben says, “Because she knew you were alone and she wanted to intimidate you.”
I say, “She didn’t scare me. Gwen only made me angry. She should not be out here. She should just leave us the fuck alone. Tom and I never did anything to deserve any of this bullshit.”
Ben says, “I know honey.”
I say, “I don’t know how much of this I can take.”
Ben says, “Go take a warm shower and put on your favorite nightgown. We will cuddle on the couch and wait for Tom and Sarah.”
I say, “I don’t want to.”
Ben asks, “You don’t want to what?”
I reply, “Shower. I just wish I didn’t tell Tom to stay for the whole dance. I am really worried about him. I just hope he is careful and aware of what is going on around him.”
Ben says, “I hate to say this but Tom isn’t always aware of what is going on around him.”
I nod my head, “I know. Tom isn’t street smart like that. This is why I am worried.”
Ben says, “He is with Sarah and she will make sure nothing happens to him.”
I nod my head again, “I guess. I just want Tom home now.”
Ben says with a shrug, “So call him back and tell him this.”
I reply, “I don’t want to ruin his fun. Tom deserves to have some fun.”
Ben says, “Take a shower. A shower will make you feel a little better and then come back down.”
I smile, “Okay.”
I go up to our bedroom and take a hot shower. It does make me feel a little less anxious and I change into a t-shirt and sweat shorts. I trot back down the stairs and Ben asks how I am feeling now. I say I am a little less anxious but I am still furious at Gwen for pulling her shit. Gwen looked horrible tonight and I wonder how many days she has been without the drugs. Her hair was extra oily and her brown eyes were bloodshot. Gwen seemed to be thinner than normal and I wonder what is wrong with her. Where is Gwen staying? How is she staying out of sight? Is she staying at the Brant Inn which is the only motel in Brant?
I cuddle up to Ben and we are watching the news. I do not really like watching the news for there is always depressing reports but Ben loves the news so we are watching it for now. Finally Tom and Sarah enter the condo and Ben makes sure that the door is locked. I ask Sarah if she is spending the night for she has a bag with her. Sarah replies she is for Tom has asked her to. I nod my head and I am happy she will be here for Tom. My brother hugs me and then says I was being stupid going for a swim alone like that. I reply that I was and I should have had Ben there with me but if Ben was there she never would have approached me.
Tom says, “You make a good point.”
I say, “At least we now know she is here and not just assuming that she is.”
Ben says, “That’s true.”
Tom says, “Does she have a weapon?”
I say, “Not that I know of.”
Tom turns to Ben, “What are we going to do?”
Ben says, “Lure her out of hiding using you and Max as bait.”
Tom says, “Isn’t that a little dangerous?”
Ben says, “Yes but you guys will be safe for there will be undercover police around you so you will not be hurt.”
Tom looks at me, “How do you feel about this Max?”
I reply, “I don’t mind being used as bait but I am not crazy that you will be used as bait too. Call me crazy but that is just how I feel.”
Tom says, “Okay, use us to draw her out. Anything to catch the bitch that much quicker.”
Ben says, “We will make sure you guys are safe.”
Tom asks, “Gwen didn’t try to harm you did she?”
I state, “No, she just wanted to issue her demented warning. She wants us dead and out of the way.”
Tom asks, “Is that what she said?”
I reply, “Yup.”
Tom asks, “Did she say anything else?”
I say, “No for that is when Ben came to my side. So Gwen fled towards the street and disappeared.”
Ben says, “I should have stayed in the shadows for a little bit but I was so worried about Max.”
Tom says, “You did the right thing.”
Ben smiles and changes the subject, “How was the dance?”
Sarah says, “The music was good. Someone spiked the punch. But Tom and I were like one of the few who dressed up so that was a little lame.”
I say, “That’s too bad.”
Tom and Sarah go up to Tom’s room to shower and get ready for bed. Tom says he is exhausted for this whole Gwen thing has drained him. I cannot say I blame him. Gwen showing up only pissed me off and then ate up most of my energy for I am furious. Ben and I go upstairs to our room shortly after Tom and Sarah went upstairs. Ben crawls under the covers and I cannot sit still. I say I need to talk to Tom privately and I knock on Tom’s door. Tom opens the door and I ask if he and I can talk for a little while. Tom and I go back downstairs to the kitchen. We each pop open a can of soda and we sit at the kitchen table.
I say, “I’m sorry you had to miss the party.”
Tom says, “It’s okay. Sarah and I were thinking of not going anyhow.”
I ask, “Why?”
Tom says, “Because Sarah’s ex-boyfriend was gonna show up and Sarah is not comfortable being around him. This guy is responsible for the rumors of her being the total bitch and a slut.”
I ask, “When did he graduate?”
Tom says, “Last year or something like that. It’s a good thing we didn’t go for I would want to kick the shit out of that asshole. Sarah is really a sweetheart.”
I have come to trust Sarah and I say, “She is nice.”
Tom laughs, “You didn’t think so at first.”
I say, “Only because she was after Ben and treated me like a piece of shit. But she has apologized for that and her and I have talked about all that crap. All that matters to me is she treats you right and it seems like she does.”
Tom smiles, “She does.”
I change the subject back to Gwen, “How do you feel about being bait?”
Tom says, “I’m not crazy about it but it seems like it would work.”
I say, “I’m not crazy about it either but it will work and she will be behind bars just like she should be.”
Tom says, “Any news on Victor?”
I say, “No, I asked John about that tonight and Victor hasn’t been seen or heard from in about a week now.”
Tom says, “That isn’t like Victor.”
I reply, “I know.”
Tom asks, “What does your gut say?”
I say, “Something is wrong but I don’t have any hunches.”
Tom changes the subject and asks, “I have a question for you.”
I say, “Go for it.”
Tom says, “It’s about Sarah.”
I ask, “What about her?”
Tom says, “I want to ask her to move in with us since her parents are constantly going away on vacations. She gets really lonely.”
I ask, “What do you think her parents would say?”
Tom says, “I don’t think they will care since they are hardly home.”
I say, “Ask her.”
Tom asks, “So it’s okay with you?”
I say, “Of course. Ben lives with us. Having Sarah around will be nice.”
Tom says, “I’ll ask her tonight. Thank you.”
I smile, “No problem.”
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