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When I wake up from dreams I write them down on paper, and this is one of those dreams.
         After our daily meeting at work, the supervisor called my name out to see him after everybody left for their jobs. I took my sweet time, and after looking for him for 15 minutes or so I finally found him. He told me, "H.R. wanted to know why I'm sending crazy voice mail messages." I told him, "I never give anyone voice mail messages." He said, "You did this time." I then said, "Okay, what did I say?" He played my message back, and I heard a partial sentence where I said - Imposture Vengeance. He repeated it and said, "You said Imposture Vengeance."

         After thinking about what I was just told and heard I said, "I must have pushed the wrong button on the phone and I was talking to somebody else standing around me. What time was this so called voice mail made?" The supervisor said, "At 8:40 am yesterday." I said, "Are we good now?" The supervisor said, "Yes, I'll tell H.R." So as I was leaving in a hurry, he asked, "Where are you going?" I said, "To find the person who I was talking to yesterday at 8:40 am, and figure out what the rest of that sentence was."

         To be continued in my next dream, hopefully.

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