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Some lives known
Oh, love me,
hold me,
kiss me.
I, the lonely junkie.
My scabs, you lick,
my blisters, you pick.
Death vapors, I'm so sick.
Lick me,
pick me,
stick me...
I'm a junkie,
I am so free.
Junkie me, flying free.
Full of contempt, I be.
I walk,
I talk,
I stalk.
For now and forever to be, I am god...
A dark, shallow, bleak, death pod.
I, the all mighty junkie,
all shall bow before me.
Slide your slick tongue across my infected scales.
Foulest soul, disgust I blow, my sick spirit wails.
Sickness spreading,
I, junkie begging.
Feed me,
bleed me,
Breed with me,
the junkie, I be.
Death's setting,
angels betting.
Life's end,
'round the bend.
Please do send
more to swallow,
I so cherish wallow.
Emptiness, so dead and hollow.
Please, oh please, do follow.
Come down here with me,
the blessed, pure junkie.
Oh, please love me,
lick me, pick me,
just stick me.
I, the hungry junkie.
Stalking, walking and lying.
All picking at me, trying.
Licking me, contorted, dying.
So high am I,
above all of you, I lie.
The lying junkie, is I.
The most free
to ever be,
It's me...
The unclean junkie.
Saliva to soften,
licking so often.
Feed me noxious vapor plume.
Eat my hatred, let me consume.
Junkie me, raucous callus,
junkie be, forever malice.

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