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by mxnasi
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Flash-Fiction with the words "Let's get out of here"
We knew we had blown our cover the moment the humans realized the blood was not red.

I cursed Keira for her hare-brained idea to start a Fight Club. We could have continued our sixth year of existence amidst them. But then again, all good things have to come to an end.

Five years ago, we dropped from the sky onto what the humans call “Earth.”

We were out for revenge. One of the weird-looking machines exploded over our home. Many of us died. In a panic, our parents sent us to Earth to wreak havoc on the humans.

We failed because of unwarranted distractions. Who knew that the delights of chocolate-covered strawberries, social media or movies would provide us so much amusement?

We lived amongst them, looking for ways to increase their misery. But how much more can they suffer, if they have been doing so their whole life? Their lives were so sad, and we only felt pity.

We needed some entertainment, and Kiera had her great idea. Our penchant for fun overruled our wits.

We conducted the infamous Fight Club in the middle of the city, thinking humans were too absorbed in their own lives to notice a few kids playing.

The fight between Urie and Kiera got out of hand, and before we knew it, we had a crowd.

Everything was fine until the first drops of blue blood hit the dirt. The humans gasped.

It was time to make a hasty exit.

Let’s get out of here.” I nodded, looking up.

We left as fast as we arrived. All we had to do was look up in unison. Our transport manifested itself.

“This will be a great story to tell the Elders.” I grinned.
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